Exhibit 6 My values

My Values

This was my first and broadest selection of values but eliminated a good bit to get down to 10. For example, I had to get rid of industry because even though I believe in working hard, I don't believe in it as much as humor or responsibility
Here is my top ten. I kept these of the pile above because I feel like they represented me much better than the other values such as duty or health.
These are my top five in order and I wouldn't change the order at all because of how highly I hold genuineness. Here we had to pick the top 5 and it was the most difficult choices I had to make, especially when I wanted to include rationality and friendship.
Here is my in class journal. I got your feedback on trying to flip it and it just won'y do what I want. I hope that's ok. I apologize.


My final five core values ended up being genuineness, self-knowledge, family, responsibility, and humor in that order. The one that shocked me the most was probably the self-knowledge. I really didn’t think that value would hold so much weight in my everyday mentality but I guess it makes sense because I value people based on what they can bring to the table as a person, not how they are physically or intellectually. I value myself the same way. If someone is a genius but is incredibly arrogant or someone is very strong but self-absorbed, then those materialistic traits don’t mean as much to me. I think all people should truly understand themselves because I think that would lead to a lot less conflict and to more people being open-minded. The value that was no surprise to make my top five was humor because I’ve always valued humor in my everyday life. Without humor, I don’t think there is any way people could build an appreciation for what they have. I’ve always equated humor to happiness and it’s something that anyone can experience. The strangest value to make my top ten was order because I think I might have put it in there because it is something I’m striving towards but don’t necessarily have in my life right now. I think the most difficult one to discard was probably rationality. I’ve always been a very clear cut rational person and try not to let emotions carry to much weight in my life decisions but in the end, when someone is always rational, I see it as being kind of dull and emotionless and I definitely don’t want that in my life. It was tough but completely necessary.


Short Term Goals

Gym 5x a week, play sports, 4.0 GPA, get at least 8 hours of sleep,

Long Term Goals

Physical fitness, organization, good grades, overall happiness, be more friendly, spend more time with friends and family (instead of doing nothing), go fishing more

How do these relate?

1) Being more friendly and going fishing more relates to genuineness because those actions are genuinely something I’d enjoy doing. My personality and interests dictate that I want to do those things and they are genuinely what I want to be a part of my life.

2) Playing sports, going to the gym and becoming more organized all relate to self-knowledge because I know deep down inside of myself that I will never be happy until I do those activities. I’ve always wanted to do those things and I have the self-knowledge to know that if I never complete those activities, I will never be satisfied with myself.

Football is my favorite sport

3) Talking to my friends and family more as well as spending time with them are pretty straightforward. I consider my friends my family and I want to always have my family close.

My sister surprise visited me this February on a school field trip

4) Responsibility relates to the majority of my goals (4.0 GPA, Gym 5x a week, good grades, and sleep at least 8 hours). These all relate to responsibility because I can never complete these tasks unless I hold myself responsible to actually complete them. This is something I struggle with the most but is a work in progress.

Going to the gym consistently is very important to me

5) Humor only relates to being happier because sometimes I find myself becoming dark and close-minded when I’m stressed or anxious and I recognize that integrating a little more humor into my life would solve that issue because humor is so important to me in making tough situations a little more bearable.

Action Plans

My action plan for gym would be to go 5x a week and do it at the same time of day each day to keep it more reliable and consistent. I would do the same for sleeping at least 8 hours by designing a good bedtime and a time to put my phone up at night to actually get some rest (maybe midnight). My good grades and GPA would be the most in depth action plan as far as organization, sleep, studying, note taking, phone usage, class attendance, and other factors are concerned but can be managed if taken into account all of the strategies learned in this class such as post-test analysis and using a daily, weekly, and monthly planner to keep yourself on track for academics. My action plan for being friendly, spending time with and talking with my friends and family more would just be a constant mindset to have. Perhaps I could text one friend every day and schedule a phone call with my Mom once a week in order to stay in touch. My Dad just bought a boat and it is a perfect opportunity to actually start fishing more! I understand that some of the goals are not too specific like happiness but I think they are important for me to try and embrace even if there isn’t a simple technique to follow in order to be happier. My action plan for becoming more organized would be to use my daily planner every day and my action plan for playing sports would be start a group made up of people who would be willing to play sports with me relatively frequently during the week. Overall these action plans should help me succeed in having these values apart of my everyday life which would make me live a happier life, because sometimes I can get depressed.


I reflected a lot throughout this exhibit but I would like to sum up some of the main point here in this abbreviated reflection. I really enjoyed this activity and found it to be incredibly helpful in discovering the values that make me who I am as a person and helped me discover how I want to live my life. This was my favorite activity and although there were almost too many values listed, I thought it was beneficial having so many because it allowed me to think critically about which ones truly represent me.


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