Great Expectations Part 2

Theme: Sometimes you grow up settling for what love you've gotten, not what love you deserve.

"'You should know,' said Estella. 'I am what you have made me. Take all the praise, take all the blame; take all the success, take all the failure; in short, take me.' 'O, look at her, look at her!' cried Miss Havisham, bitterly. 'Look at her, so hard and thankless, on the hearth where she was reared! Where I took her into this wretched breast when it was first bleeding from its stabs and where I have lavished years of tenderness upon her!'(238)"

I picked this passage because it shows Estella realizing that the love she received wasn't the way love should be. She realizes that Miss Havisham has raised her to love how she was loved so that others would feel her pain. She starts to realize that she is simply a smaller version of Miss Havisham and not her own person. All the rude things she has done and the way she treated people is because of the way she was taught to love. As of this point in the story she really only nows one type of love and it's cruel love.

Miss Havisham can't find a way to get over the emotional devastation so she uses Estella as a short term fix.

"She drew her arm round my neck, and drew my head close down to hers as she sat in the chair. 'Love her, love her, love her! How does she use you?' Before I could answer, she repeated, 'Love her, love her, love her! If she favors you, love her. If she wounds you, love her. If she tears you heart to pieces-and as it gets older and stronger it will tear deeper-love her, love her, love her!'"(188)

I chose this quote because it shoes what Miss Havisham thinks love is. She believe that it can be forced and you can be miserable as long as the girl is happy. She believes Pip needs to love Estella no matter how she treats him.

(convict) "'Yes, Pip dear boy, I've made a gentlemen on you! It's me wot has done it! I swore this time, sure as ever i earned a guinea, that guinea should go to you. I swore afterwords, sure as ever I spec'lated and got rich, you should get rich. I lived rough, that you should live smooth; I worked hard that you should be above work(250).'"

I chose this quote because I believe this is the best Pip has ever been treated in some weird way the convict has a sort of love for Pip. He made sure Pip had it easy even if it meant a rough life for him. Love isn't always straight forward and I think this is in some way a way of showing that the convict loves Pip.

Motifs: Love, Abuse, Convicts, Being a Gentlemen

Pips feelings at the end of part two: Estella: All throughout the book Pip's "love" for Estella never falters. At the end of part two Pip thinks that Estella has decided to settle down with him though she may be doing it slowly. He thinks this because of the way she asked him to go to Miss Havisham's with her and how she stood up to Miss Havisham. Until the convict comes in the last chapter and he realizes Miss Havisham didn't send him away to be a gentlemen for Estella. Convict: At the very end of part two Pip meets the convict again. In this chapter he is really hesitant at first and a little scared that the convict might try to hurt him until he finds out that the convict is him benefactor. Then he begins to trust him until the convict says he's on the run from the law and that if caught he could be put to death. So Pip, feeling obligated, offers Herbert's bed to the convict to try to help him. Joe: Pip doesn't think he can go back to Joe to apologize and all and still get Estella. He picked estella.

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