Death Valley Hannah grace calvert

It was a peaceful morning in the beautiful town of Clemson, South Carolina. I yawned as I got up out of my bed to make my daily walk over to the window sill in my dorm to look out at the view. It never failed to provide me with a beautiful sunrise casting over the stadium, tillman, and the rest of campus.

I made this walk every single morning, but for some reason it felt a little different today. Much to my surprise, when I looked out the window this time, I realized something horrible.

There was a stampede of Carolina fans headed straight towards Howards rock with sledge hammers and torches.

. I knew that I could not stop them on my own so i left to get some help. As I opened up my door I noticed that there was a little tiger cub sitting on the ground.

Frightened, I jumped back. I knew I had to be dreaming as soon as it began to speak. It said something like “there is no time to get other help, you hold the key to every Carolina fans weakness”.

I closed my eyes and continued to pinch myself hoping that I would wake up from whatever I was dreaming. When I opened my eyes the tiger cub was gone but the stampede of fans was still headed towards the rock.

Without having time to questioned what was going on, I took off running towards the stadium. As I stood in front of the stampede I started shouting out anything I could think of to get them to stop.

then I thought to myself. “the key to every Carolina fans weakness…… what do they hate more than Clemson….. losing to Clemson!!!”

They were inches away from destroying Howards rock when suddenly it came to me as I shouted out.....

"56-7 !!!"

All at once they fell to the ground and I had saved the day

WELCOME TO DEATH VALLEY... Death to all who try to cross it...


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