Great Expectations part 2

"and the shameful place,being all asmear with filth and fat and blood and foam,seemed to stick to me. . .I found the roadway covered with straw to deaden the noise of passing vehicles; and from this, and from the quantity of people standing about smelling strongly of sprites and beer"(128). When Pip was going to London he thought it was going to be all upper class and everything was going to look beautiful he realizes this is not true when he gets there and sees that what is true is the opposite of what he thought.

"I (Pip) could scarcely have recalled my sister with much tenderness.But I suppose there is a shock of regret which may exist without much tenderness"(218). Even though his sister was very mean to him he still loved her. He still does recall all the times she was very mean to him, but since she has died he not as angry as he should be for all the times she beat him.

(convict)"Yes,Pip, dear boy, I've made a gentleman on you! It's me wot has done it"(250). Pip though that Miss Havisham his benefactor so that he could become a gentleman to marry Estella. When the convict tells Pip he is his benefactor Pip is devastated because he realizes he left Joe and, Biddy for his wealth.

SUMMARY: At the end of the second part of this book. The Convict tells Pip that he is his benefactor this devastates Pip because he thought that Miss Havisham was his benefactor helping him became a gentleman. So that he could Marry Estella. He is also devastated Because he left Joe and Biddy for the money of a convict which makes him sad. Pip does not want to go back to Joe and Biddy he felt bad for what he has done.

Motifs; Love,revenge,being a gentleman.

Theme: Sometimes people think they are doing a good thing,but in the end the only think it will bring them is pain and regret.


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