Final Reflection Kylee Keenan

Throughout the creation of my journey logs, I would say that curiosity, engagement, creativity and metacognition were the most common habits of mind that I used. Throughout my time as a Ranger, curiosity, engagement, and metacognition were utilized the most. I often reflected upon the readings that were assigned in class. As I read, I used the technique of engagement by involving myself and actively reading the material. By engaging in the text, I had an understanding that could lead to curiosity about the topic present in the text. For example, in Journey Log 2, I wrote on the passage called “Superman and Me.” The author discusses the pressure placed on young Native American children to act unintelligent in order to stay close to their family roots. This concept intrigued me and sparked my curiosity to look deeper into this type of culture. Throughout my time as a Ranger, I also used metacognition to reflect upon my thoughts and feelings that I was experiencing while reading the text. This habit of mind was utilized vividly during the entirety of Journey Log 1. Finally, creativity was used immensely during my time as a Bard. As a Bard, I drew many images in order to show a reflection of the work I had completed that week or even to depict the research being done for raids. Each week, in order to help the reader better understand the ideas I was presenting as well as create a clear image, creativity was necessary. Here are two of the four drawings that I constructed in my time as a Bard:

These four habits of mind allowed a beginning point to be created in my mind, but also did not limit me to the topics I wanted to discuss. I felt like they planted a seed of thought in my head, but also allowed my own mind and ideas to flourish into deeper discussion.

As I look back on all of my journey logs written, I would say that optimism in learning is a common theme. After reading an article or continuing in research for my monster/villain raid, I loved sharing the new knowledge I had gained. I also enjoyed in searching deeper into topics that I was not educated in. A determination to learn more about the things I do not know is very much seen throughout my reflections.

Now transitioning into my thoughts on Minecraft . . . I very much dislike the use of it in the classroom setting. I was hesitant in the beginning due to my lack of experience with video games, and I would say that my feelings remain the same today. I do not like having to be forced to play a video game that I do not enjoy as well as pay for it along with struggling to even use. For this reason, I think that other opportunities should be offered alongside the builds. For those who enjoy the activity, I think it is reasonable to offer the option to build an object in Minecraft, but other possibilities should be presented in conjunction with playing the game.

I would now like to close on the thought of whether or not my ways of thinking have improved during my time in this class. I believe they have in regard to the style in which I write now. In high school, I was “trained” in a sense to stick to the five paragraph form of writing, but now I enjoy branching out and using different techniques of writing. As far as the advancement of my thinking process, I do not believe this has shifted or changed in any manner. During my high school years, the English department was very advanced and we wrote an abundance of papers. Due to this high volume of writing, creativity and uniqueness definitely were expected of us. These aspects of writing became necessary in order to not become bored with the large amounts of writing. Overall, this class has taught me to veer away from the traditional style of writing, but has also allowed me to utilize my knowledge gained in the past to create new and unique works of writing.


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