Leonardo's horse vocabulary. By:Alex T.

Depressed- Gloomy; low spirited. My friend cheered me up when I was sad.

The guy is very depressed.

Achieved- To carry out to a successful end. Have you achieved your purpose.

The guy achieved his goal of lacrosse.

Philophsopher- A person who attempts to discover and understand the basic nature of of knowledge and reality. I'm a philophsopher I study nature.

The tiger is a philophsopher.

Architect- person who designs and makes plans for buildings. Being an architect is a really hard job.

This is what an architect does.

Fashioned- to make, shape, or form. He fashioned a whistle out of wood.

Midst- in the middle of. I was stuck in the middle of two weird people.

The girl made midst in the middle of them.

Cannon- A big gun, especially one that is mounted on a base or wheels. In the army they shoot cannons.

Rival- person who wants and tries to get the same thing as another or who tries to equal or do better than another. My rival wants to steel my friends from me.

The roosters are rivals.


Created with images by cliff1066™ - "American Horse" • giesje - "mother daughter together" • keijj44 - "lacrosse player stick" • Tydence - "Philosopher's walk" • Wokandapix - "blueprint ruler architecture" • quapan - "shiny star leaf fringed weirdly in tarry moongate" • mkd. - "At home in the midst of a late winter." • leonyaakov - "Tsar-Cannon, Kremlin, Moscow" • Muffet - "Rivals"

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