As a Catholic school community established in 1897, we remain committed to delivering our mission in the spirit of Mary Ward


Over the course of the year an extensive consultation program was undertaken with staff, students, parents and ex-students to understand where Loreto Normanhurst is strategically positioned, now and for the future. The strategic planning process commenced with a weekend workshop with participation from the School Leadership and Deans Teams, School Council and other community members.

The workshop explored a range of future trends likely to impact Loreto Normanhurst over the next five to ten years. There are many external influences that will impact Loreto Normanhurst, and they come in different forms and effect, some we can control and others we cannot.

We acknowledge that change will continue, presenting our school with opportunities and sometimes challenges, testing us on many fronts. Our strategic plan must ensure we are equipped to respond to any change.

Conversations were also held with staff, students and parents. A common feature throughout these discussions was the expression of respect and love for the Loreto Normanhurst community and a great depth of understanding and appreciation for the school’s values and mission and confidence in the holistic path taken thus far.

This document identifies three strategic pathways for Loreto Normanhurst.

Over the coming years the Leadership Team will work with staff, and the School Council to develop implementation plans that address these pathways in a responsible and sustainable manner. We will all have a role to play and we look forward to continuing our work together.

Our plan will be a dynamic document, evaluated and evolving during its life.

As a school community, we remain committed to delivering our mission in the spirit of Mary Ward

Ms Barbara Watkins



The Loreto Normanhurst Mission Statement provides guidance to the Loreto community. It continues to be appropriate, relevant and inspirational.

Together with the school's Mission Statement the Loreto Values of Sincerity, Verity, Freedom, Justice and Felicity continue to shape our daily work.

Our Mission

Loreto Normanhurst, in the spirit of Mary Ward, as a school community:

encourages each student to fulfil her academic and personal potential, in an atmosphere of freedom, care and respect for the individual

celebrates a joyous Christian faith which grows from reflection and leads to justice

develops independent, articulate and compassionate women of integrity.


Loreto Normanhurst encourages the development of young women who will take their place in the world as leaders and as people of commitment, inspired by gospel values.

Through the Loreto Normanhurst Student Growth Model, the school fosters a liberal education, with self-motivated learning and pursuit of personal excellence central to its teaching and learning philosophy.

Engagement with the Community

Before developing this strategic plan, an independent facilitator was engaged to lead a conversation with parents, staff, students and ex-students to identify our achievements and challenges and what our priorities might be for the future.

The consultation process with staff, parents and students saw more than 150 people attend 13 focus group discussions and 300 people participate in an online survey.

The consultations highlighted that:

- There is a wonderful sense of community and belonging: Being a Loreto girl is something special;

- Catholic values are at the centre of a Loreto Normanhurst education. The girls' faith is relevant to their lives, supporting them to make a difference to the lives of others as part of and beyond their schooling;

- Students and Parents acknowledge and respect the effort, commitment and dedication shown by teachers;

- The Loreto Normanhurst Student Growth Model (LNSGM) places student well-being and holistic growth at the core of their education and is recognised by students and parents as being a key driver to academic success;

- The pastoral care and academic programs shape the character of the student and the school and differentiate Loreto Normanhurst from other schools;

- Technology is ever-present in school life, and is a medium for learning and engangement. Continual prudence is required to ensure it remains so;

- Expansion of the school should be based on a clear need and communicated with all stakeholders, and:

- A property Master Plan to better address staff and student needs, including Boarding accommodation, needs to be devised.

The school has performed extremely well in recent years, and planned change that further strengthens Loreto Normanhurst’s position as a modern and contemporary school will be welcomed by the community.


As the priorities move to pathways we look forward to the future and to continuing to provide an outstanding education for all students in the values and spirit of Mary Ward.

Our Journey

In 2000 Loreto Normanhurst embarked on a project to reinvent how students learn and develop to meet the needs of the 21st Century while also remaining true to its values and traditions.

The culmination of this project was the development of the Loreto Normanhurst Student Growth Model (LNSGM). The introduction of this model to Loreto Normanhurst in 2004 saw the school’s emphasis shift from the traditional teaching of subjects to a holistic curriculum that has at its core relationships and learning focused on student growth.

The LNSGM has proven to be successful.

In ten years it has delivered substantial and measurable improvements in student well-being and academic achievement.

Fundamental to the LNSGM is the holistic development of each student, their spiritual, physical and emotional well-being. The key feature of the LNSGM is the FACE curriculum (Faith, Academic, Community and Extra-curricular). A multi-disciplinary approach to learning assists the students to reflect, and develop important skills that can be applied by all students across all learning areas.

This approach has seen the school change how it operates to ensure students are able to build stronger and deeper relationships with their peers and with staff.

This is underpinned by respect and a deep sense of care that is expressed by all at Loreto Normanhurst.

While holistic development is a worthy goal in its own right, research has shown that higher academic results are more likely to follow if students have a developed sense of well-being and an understanding of their faith, community and the broader world.

The evidence of the LNSGM’s contribution to change and achievement across the school and numerous cohorts of students is quite clear - it works.

The re-opening of the Loreto Normanhurst Primary School in 2015 for Years 5 and 6 is the second major change to the school in recent years. Both of these major changes are the result of sound research, innovative thinking, forward planning, strong leadership and a commitment to the strategic direction of the school.


2016-2020 Strategic Plan

The impact and certainty of change is well documented:

Technological, environmental, social, cultural and economic forces will all continue to shape Loreto Normanhurst.

Some changes will allow us to choose our response, others will not, but we will always respond in a manner reflecting the mission and values of Loreto Normanhurst.

Statement of Strategic Intent

We are committed to continue being a leading school, highly regarded for our dedication to high standards across every aspect of school life.

We are committed to re-invention, seeking to operate beyond conventional education boundaries.

We are committed to providing leadership to the educational community in the areas of mission, learning, pastoral care and leadership.

2016-2020 Pathways

Loreto Normanhurst has identified three key interconnected pathways. These are not end points, instead they represent an on-going journey of reflection and discernment leading the school community to meet its strategic intent.

A Faith-Centred School


A Person-Centred School


An Ecology-Centred School


Implementation Plan:

Each year Loreto Normanhurst will produce an implementation plan directing the school towards achieving the outcomes described in this strategy.



A Faith-Centred School

The development of reflective, critically thinking women of faith.

The development of empowered women of action who, imbued with Loreto charism, work for justice and peace.

The development of community, formed in the call of Jesus and the Gospel, the spirituality of St Ignatius, and the charism of Mary Ward and the IBVM.

A Person-Centred School


A Person-Centred School

A learning community that radically explores the next ground breaking iteration of the LNSGM to further the holistic development of students.

A school where the whole person is at the centre of all learning, relationships and programs.

The development of passionate and innovative staff prepared to address the needs of students in an ever-changing world.

An Ecology-Centred School


An Ecology-Centred School

The development of ecological sensitivity in all members of the community so that all actions reflect a care for creation.

A school that assumes ethical responsibility for decisions which promote sustainability across all areas of the community, within and outside Loreto Normanhurst.

The development of a growth strategy and Master Plan that imagine and deliver a state of the art school with modern facilities ensuring robust stewardship of resources.

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