Eiffel Tower By:Morgan Tucker

The Eiffel Tower is a memory of a fair that happened in 1909. It has had many renovations throughout the years. Also the Eiffel Tower has lots of different size changes each year. The Eiffel Tower is made out of pudding iron so it naturally grows.

George Eiffel's company was the creator of the Eiffel Tower. The person that actually designed it was Maurice Koechlin. The Eiffel Tower was mainly built for a fair entrance, it was suppose to be taken down 1909 but people decided not to take it down because it was valuable and a memory.

The Eiffel Tower has the size of 984 feet. Also the Eiffel Tower has the ability to grow, in the summer it grows 6 inches. When it's around water or winter it shrinks 6 inches. But sometimes on the hottest days it can expand 15 centimeters. The material of the Eiffel Tower is pudding iron in the Eiffel Tower there is about 7,000 metric tons of pudding iron.

The Eiffel Tower has had many renovations throughout the years. In 1986 was the latest renovation but it will be having a new renovation this year. That will be the cost of $321 million it will last for 15 years. The renovations that will be done are the lighting system, elevators also there will new glass flooring, gift shops restaurants and lastly there will be new technology.

Now that you have read about the Eiffel tower what do you think about how it can grow, is getting a renovation that will last 15 years and and was going to be taken down in the 1900’s and is a very big memory of paris France.


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