Primates In Action How primates are being used for clinical research by antonio BERReondo

Animals,mainly primates are being used for clinical and medical research and we are basically relying our lives on primates and it is a good thing because our medicine industry far advanced because of them. In this era our technology is advanced however there are some setbacks as with clinical and medical research. For that we need to thank primates for the help in our advancements in our medicine. Our issue is people want to stop testing on primates however there is simply no better way to test and get our clinical research forward. It has helped us in our work and will continue too help us in our lives. The genre pieces I have chosen bring out the message more clearly because they get the reader's attention and you can get your message out clearly

This shows how the clinical research in our country benefits us as humans and how primates provide a great clinical advantage to our advancement in medicine and basically make our lives better and last longer because of them. So we need to make

We are creating peace among us because our lives are getting better by how primates are getting medicine and as well testing it for us to have a safer way of living and taking a big sacrifice for us to keep us moving forward and we need to appreciate there lives more in what they do for us because without them our lives wouldn't be as great without them.

Roses are red violates are blue without the primates I wouldn't be standing by you.

This shows how much they put their lives at risk for a good cause and making our lives and future better. Not only are they making it better for us the could make it better for their species because we could fix diseases they carry so its a win win situation for all of us. People might disagree that we are taking their lives however they are doing it for the greater good.

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Jose Berreondo


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