My Experience at The Constans Theatre yerdan Lopez

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The Spatial Experience

Spatial Experience: The environment and surroundings certainly proved to heighten my emotions that I experienced at the theatre. Looking around at all the art and open, free-flowing space got me excited for the play start. I felt in tune with the theater atmosphere, and this in turn helped me better appreciate the play overall. Sitting in the center of the theater, I got a good view of the theatrics, as the view of the stage would envelope the majority of my sight. Once the lights dimmed and everybody quieted down, I could feel the attention of the auditorium fully focus on the stage. With this feeling, I eventually became so enthralled in the play I could not turn my attention away even if I tried. Overall, one's perception of our surroundings can affect our perception of having a Good Life. With a better appreciation of our surroundings and space, we can have a better feeling of having a Good Life.

The Social Experience

The Social Experience: Being able to enjoy the play with a few of my friends truly served to heighten my experience in the performance of The Divine: A Play For Sarah Bernhardt. We able to mingle in the lobby with strangers, discussing with each other about our classes, the play, and what we can expect to happen in the performance. Especially after the play, when we were able to have discussions about the plot, themes, and motifs that were presented throughout the performance. I feel that by being able to enjoy the play with friends and strangers helped me to better appreciate the play as a whole.

The Cultural and Intellectual Experience

The Cultural and Intellectual Experience: Set in 20th century Quebec, The Divine: A Play for Sarah Bernhardt, presented many themes and motifs throughout play, in particular set around the setting of the story. One such topic tackled was the power of art in society. As Sarah Bernhardt mentioned, "Theater is the Sister of Philosophy and History". She implies that theater may not be as well recognized as the other two areas of thought, but certainly has as large of an impact on society. The play also looks at the overall role of art on society, showing how it can influence the masses with messages portrayed by theater. I especially enjoyed the time after performance when we got the oppurtunity to speak with actors and ask questions during the talk back. Being able to learn about the process of producing a play made me better appreciate the overall art of theater. One such point that intrigued me was how an actor prepares to fit a character before a performance. One of the actors mentioned that there is a point during production when he/she has a moment of epiphany and finally realizes how to truly illuminate the overall character they are trying to portray.

The Emotional Experience

The Emotional Experience: I think the moment of Katharsis, or the process of "coming clean", came following the death Talbot's younger brother, showing the horrors of child labor. I felt he tragedy of his death brought the whole audience to a still silence, as everyone was shocked by the tragic death of this character. A character who sacrificed his childhood, working hard everyday and risking his life in the hopes of helping his older brother rise up in society through the church. It makes the audience wonder, "Was it all worth it?"; "How could he live a 'good life' if he never got the chance to appreciate the life he had?". With these thoughts in my head, I would relate to my own situation and wonder how I am deciding to live my life. I wonder if I am truly trying to appreciate the current life I have now rather than strive for a future life when I can achieve a 'Good Life'. Maybe if I just take the time now, even through my challenges, I can enjoy the 'Good Life' in my current daily life.

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