Place and Time: United States 1865 to 1914 A changing culture


1. The number of public high schools increased from 100 to 1860 to 12000 in 1914.

2. In the South, many African Americans received little or no education.

3. John Dewey was the leader of the new educational philosophy begun around 1900.

4. By 1910 almost 40 percent of all American college students were women.

5. Andrew Carnegie helped to establish libraries in every city.

6. Regionalism focuses on a particular region of the country.

7. By 1900 mor than twice as many newspapers were published in the United States as in 1980.

8. Spectator sports are games watched for enjoyment in one's free time.

9. Vaudeville shows featured dancing, singing, and magic tricks.

10. Ragtime music is related to jazz.

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