Common Exhibit #4 Post Test analysis with Office Hours

Post Test Analysis

Part 2: Reflection of Office Hours Meeting

The meeting I had with Mr. grant was somewhat helpful in my opinion. I believe this is the same test I used for one of the study methods in Exhibit 3. The meeting went very smoothly because, truthfully, there was not much for us to discuss. I was only three points away from the grade I predicted I would get hence there not being a lot for us to talk about. The only types of questions on the test were multiple choice and free response questions which are essentially word problems in math. We discussed the reasons as to why I missed the multiple choice questions I did and we came to the conclusion that I just did not know how to do solve the question. As for the free response questions I missed, we discussed that I made a few minor errors that were easily correctable and easy to learn from.

When I asked him what I could do to improve my grade for the next test, he said I should probably just spend a little more time reviewing the old tests on the Math 1020 course page on Clemson's website and attend the PAL sessions which I had already done the day before the test. As I mentioned before, there was not a whole lot to discuss in this meeting I had with him because my grade on the test was a pretty good and a good bit above the class average. We concluded that I should continue attending PAL sessions, spend more time looking at old tests, redoing some of the homework assignments on WebAssign, and spend a little more time in general studying for his tests.

The experience of discussing a test with a professor was somewhat helpful. The conversation was very polite and interactive which made it easier to understand what he thought I should do to improve. The form I had to fill out was, unfortunately for the most part, useless to me. With the exception of the careless and easily correctable mistakes I made, I knew why I missed everything else. What I probably got most out of the visit was learning of value of creating relationships with professors and how it might help come final exam time. Developing a relationship with professor could just be the difference between a 79.9 and an 80 in a class.

Out of all of the Exhibits we've had in this class, I have to say this one was the most useless for me. Perhaps I chose the wrong class and test to review since I did a decent job on this test, but even then I did not get a whole lot out if. It was nice being able to interact and discuss how to improve with one of my teachers which I know will help me going forward. We concluded that I needed to ultimately keep doing what I was doing just spend more time studying. He told me not to change anything except spend more time studying so that is my plan from here on out. Overall, this exhibit was helpful in some ways but in all honestly it has probably benefitted me the least.

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