Natural Beauty By: Jules Swiniarski

Nebraska Sunset Over the Plains

This is a beautiful photo showing that Nebraska really does have the best sunsets. It shows the immaculate sky and the lush green plains below, there is also the river running steadily in the background.

The Sun Setting Below Farmland

While driving to my aunt and uncle’s farm, I took this beautiful photo. It captures the beauty of the sun and the harvest.

The Sun Setting Over The Park

One of my favorite parts of the fall is the sunsets. The air is crisp and cool but not cold enough that you have to go inside and miss the sunsets. Nature is very beautiful every season of the year.

The Sunset Over The Papillion River

This photo has no filter, all of this color is pure nature. The vibrant color of the sky reflects on the glassy surfaces of the water. The sky is splitting up and spilling out colors.

The Sun Through The Clouds Over A Puddle

After the the excessive rain, there was flooding. And after the flooding there were pools of water on the sides of roads, in any hole the water could seep into. This shows the sun reflecting off one of these pools.

My Friend Being Proud Of Her Snowman

After the snow comes the fun. My friend and I always make sure to go down to creek after the snow. The creek always reflects beautifully off the snow. We decided to build a small little snowman.

The Papillon Creek After Snow

The water looks still, but running water is hardly ever still. The scene whispers of calm and peace. You can feel the crisp air against your skin and hear the sound of snow beneath your feet. The sky is calm, completing this scene.

Summer Sunset

In the summer there are some of the most beautiful sunsets. The sun always sets later, so it is much brighter. The sun reflecting off the water makes this scene almost unreal, it is so picture perfect.

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