The revenge of the Monkey paws

Be careful what you wish for because sometimes it's not always going to go exactly like you plan it out to be.

The authors message in "the monkeys paw" is be careful what you wish for. Sometimes what you wished for might not always turn out how u planned it. You might loose something you didn't want to. Loose or u might gain something you didn't want to have.

In the monkeys paw the 1st man had his 3rd wish and I don't know what the other two were but the last one was for death. The author states "His tone was so grave that a hush fell upon the room". For the family who wished on the monkeys paw wished for 2 hundred pounds but when they got what they wished for thy also lost there son.

Be careful what you wish for because it's not always going to turn out the way you want it to be. Like in the story "The monkeys paw" many people wished on the paw and got what they wanted but had a negative affect later.

Be careful what you wish for because it can hurt you in the long run. Being greedy and wishing for something you don't need is bad. In the story the monkeys paw the author want you to realize that you shouldn't take things for granted. When you wish without being careful you can loose a lot in the long run.

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