Natural Oysters And amazing crab sandwiches

Most visitors to French coasts will have seen an abundance of oyster farms and many will have enjoyed these tasty shellfish. However a visit to La Maison Mer near the town of Baden on the Golf of Morbihan in Southern Brittany will highlight a little appreciated fact. Most cultivated oysters are factory-reared, and only grow with the application or artificial techniques and technologies. Typically a farmed oyster will grow to a marketable size in 2 years, without any season, having been originally 'born' outside of the marine environment, requiring in many cases the addition of antibiotic treatments to ensure viable harvests.

At we learnt that an increasing number of producers are returning to more traditionally reared methods, seeding oysters born into the ocean naturally, grown more slowly (typically 4 years before harvest), and living without need for the antibiotic treatments required by their industrially farmed cousins.

You can taste the difference of more slowly grown, traditionally reared oysters. They're less salty, with a more intense flavour - and seasonally produced, so that demand in the summer can outstrip limited supply.

With the opening of a seafood restaurant, fashion designer and founder of La Maison Mer, Laurence Maheo is not only gaining a gourmet following, but also the attention of the Slow Food movement, keen to celebrate traditional techniques and ingredients.

While La Maison Mer oysters are particularly fine, their seafood platters and crab club sandwiches are amazingly tasty, and the restaurant is worth a detour if you're in the area of Baden or Amour Baden in the Golfe de Morbihan. Booking is advisable as (the most comfortable) seats are limited.

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