The Divine A Play for Sarah Bernhardt


Before the play

Prior to watching this play, I had only ever been to plays that were hosted my schools. I also watched other plays when I was a kid such as "Scooby Doo" so clearly I am classically uninformed. So to say, I was in the least bit familiar with theatre culture and had zero expectations for that night. When I entered Constans Theatre, I was impressed by the size alone. The auditorium could seat hundreds of people easily. Luckily, my seat was in the very front row so my experience was fairly in depth. I was so close I could see the sweat fall of their foreheads. When the lights dimmed, the audience immediately quite. At this moment, I felt a sense of unity with my peers. Everyone was polite in order to watch the play and felt that with everyone else.

The role of place in the good life is one of the most important in my opinion. I place a heavy emphasis on where you are in life (physically) and how that can influence your journey. I believe that where you are can change your outcomes. Who and what you surround yourself with, wherever you are, help to enable or inhibit your journey to the good life.

The Social Experience

Shared experiences are crucial in the journey for the good life. I believe that who we interact with shapes not only our perception of the good life, but also the journey towards it. If I wouldn't have my friend Jessica, many things in life would be unbearable. Because of her, and my other friends, life is good.

I went to the play with my very best good friend Jessica Giessman (ft. in picture with my doggo). We planned to go to this play together weeks in advance. Jessica and I take great appreciation for the arts. We both love musicals, poetry and books. So, we looked forward to this performance. Attending this show with my friend made me feel more engaged because there was someone else there with me to experience it. Also, if I did not understand a part or missed a minor detail I had someone to ask after the performance.

The Cultural and Intellectual Experience

This performance was set in Canada in the 20th century. Now, I do not live in Canada nor do I live in the 20th century. However, I live juuuuust south of Canada AND I live in the 21st century so I'm not that far off.

After the play

What did you know about the subject matter before attending performance? How did the performance change your views about the issues described in the performance? Does the subject matter have a relationship to something happening in your own life?

The central issue of the play was conflicts between many different characters, as well as within the characters themselves. The conflict surrounds Talbot, a young student at the Grand Seminary in Quebec City, and his struggle overcoming being sexually assaulted. As his character progresses, the play also explores the indecencies that occurred in a shoe factory. The play also follows the story of Michaud, also a student at the Seminary, as he writes his own play, which is essentially a story about Talbot's struggles.


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