Elizabethan Clothing ~By: Emma K, Monica K, and Josie B~

New fantastic fashion trends are rapidly increasing in this Era! Fashion enthusiasts are lining up to get their Elizabethan clothing. Women, men, and children adore their new, refined clothes. Martha Beecher explains, “I am in love with my dress. It has jewels and ruffles, and it is just perfect for me!” Beecher does not just buy clothes for herself; she also buys clothes for her family. Her son, Samuel, is not as enthusiastic as his parents about his clothes, “I enjoy the style but these tights are just too tight,” he cries out. Fashion designer Katherine Kingsley tells reporters that her taste of fashion is as sweet as a peach. “I do not just like clothes. I love clothes. I live and breath fabric.” Everyone in the town is aware how dedicated Kingsley is to her work, which is why she has a great deal of customers. Francis Kingsley, Katherine’s husband, proclaims, “I adore Katherine’s clothes. They make me feel established and as if I am in style. I mean, the detail of the cuffs and the hat is simply elegant and marvelous." Men who are Nobles, like Francis, commonly wear ruffs, breeches, loose fitting shirts that gather at the cuffs and hats with embellishments, such as feathers. Kingsley makes all these spectacular clothing pieces for men

Women wear luxurious fabrics such as fur, silk, satin, and stable corsets which are always a must. They wear dresses protruding outward from the back which are popular and bum rolls and farthingales are always used. The children dress similarly to their parents to looked as established as they are.

Lesser nobles and nobles dress similarly to each other with a slight difference. The middle class is extremely enthused to receive their new clothes. The women are thrilled about their bonnets and one-colored dresses with small overthrows. The men are working the hats with a feather and tights with baggy shirts and short pants over the tights. The children are walking the streets in small collars and bonnets.

The peasants are content to have some decent clothing, even if they are not stylish. If they truly wanted to wear striking and impressive clothes, they could not because of the sumptuary law which made them wear certain clothes to sustain a social rank. Women are wearing simple, one-colored dresses while men are pulling off baggy hats with saggy pants and shirts. The children are comfortable in their new bonnets and are happy about their clothes, even though they are similar to rags.

Instead of speaking about the poor, let’s talk about the rich. Queens are wearing gold trimmings, luxurious fabrics such as fur, satin, silk and many other lavish fabrics. Gorgeous jewels are connected to their dresses or around their neck as jewelry. Kings are wearing broad shouldered shirts with girdles and loose fitting shirts. Children wear the same clothes as their parents such as big ruffled collars around the neck and huge sleeves. “I love dressing like mommy because we play dress up all the time!” claimed seven year old Margaret who is a princess. Her mother is relieved that she does not have to clean up her own closet anymore.

You can find any of these trendy clothes at local markets for a great deal! Now go out and shop for your pristine and upgraded wardrobe!

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