Poetry Collection Gia Brichetto

Chain Poem

The clock went off

I could hear the ticking noise coming from it

The sound sounded super loud

The time was 6:00 am

I turned off the alarm

I woke up

My tired sleepy eyes adjusting to the light

I was not ready to get out of bed

I almost fell asleep again

I could hear the cat purring

Her fur rubbing against my arm

The dog barking at something

Sesame st. playing downstairs as I got out of bed


The bed

The one place I can sleep

Where I can think

And not be disturbed

Be swallowed whole to it

Laying in comfort

Laying in its silence

Sleeping in it for hours

Wishing I could stay longer

Tugging at me as if it wanted me to stay longer

My comfort zone

My only noninvaded space

This is an ode to my bed


Vroom vroom goes the car

The car holding a old lady

Driving like a maniac


Flowers coming to life

Birds chirping at each other

Everyone happy


The naked bare trees

Under the hard dirty ground

Worms climbing the tree


I am sorry for eating the hot cheetos

I didn't mean to eat it before dinner

Eat it before your delicious dinner you have made tonight

Although they were hot and delicious

They were a very good snack before dinner

Created By
Gia Brichetto


Created with images by Pexels - "fountain pen note notebook"

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