Nature Experience at FLMNH By Abigael wahlen

This experience was quite exhilarating but not for the most conventional reason. I am terrified of butterflies but I still went through the butterfly garden. I do appreciate their beauty and wonder but I also am really scared of them.

Nature and the Human Spirt. This place was the worst because of the butterflies. it allowed me to step out of my ordinary life because for one it was a rainforest and you do not see many rainforests in GainesvilleĀ Florida. It also allows some to step out of their comfort zone while others are allowed to relax. It helps us understand the majesty of nature because butterflies are terrifying but are truly beautiful and we are able to wonder about how this came about.
Nature and Ethics. This exhibit focused on the coast of Florida and how it has developed. It mainly focused on the types of nature ecosystems as well as the native cultures that developed on the land. I thought it was really cool considering the fact that nature is a big part of my life and one of the things that I love most in the world. It allowed viewers to directly connect with nature because we could view the past and the present of Florida landscapes. I learned about the past of Florida's landscape and how the native tribes where able to flourish in their harsh surroundings. There was also a little boy there that really thought the giant crabs where really cool.
Nature on Display. This exhibit captured my attention because it is really big and right in the front of the museum. I also think fossils and extinct creatures interesting. From this I learned how big Mammoths really are, they are giant. I may have not been able to understand this if I had viewed this in a different text like a book. The most enjoyable aspect of this museum was the interactive part and the fact that the butterflies did not touch me.
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