Darwin and evolution Max meyer peruod 2

Adapaptation is the change in the organisms characteristics to increase survival in a certain environment. The conditions that these adaptations occur is the When the species is struggling for existence and that triggers variations and adaptations
The fitness is how well an organism can survive and reproduce in a certain environment. The survival of the fittest is when a certain species can out live another species fighting for the same food and resources.
process by which organisms that are most suited to their environment survive and reproduce most successfully; also called survival of the fittest. Natural selection is constantly happening in every environment on every single day.
Darwins mechanism suggests that well adapted species will survive and the poorly adaptations species won't survive and will die off and become extinct. The species that survives are constantly changing.
Biogeography is the study of the past present distribution of organisms. If you spread species out they can evolve to their particular environment and help their offspring adapt and increase their chance of survival.


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