Celebrating New Mexico By: Nicolas Lewis and Ben Westlake

New Mexico has a rich history that is very unique, and athletics programs are often keen on producing single-event uniforms that celebrate aspects of their region's history. New Mexico State football is not a program that has done so often, and we hope to change that starting with this design.

In creating our primary template redesign, we already took the opportunity to cross sports and use basketball uniforms as inspiration for a set of football uniforms. When considering our one-off celebratory uniform, we wanted to honor an area known for its rich Native American history, its mountainous surroundings, and a unique state flag.

We decided against anything specifically honoring Native American culture with this uniform. We did not want to go about creating a native design without any input from the Mescalero Apache people, nor did we want to just cheat as others have before in deciding that a turquoise uniform was adequately honorary.

Some of Nike's N7 uniforms.

That left us with honoring the geography and the state flag, which presented its own challenges. How do you honor mountains on a uniform while finding a balance between subtle and garish? How do you celebrate the state of New Mexico and its flag without looking like another Arizona State rip-off? The flag colors are red and yellow, after all.

Several variations, essentially the same color palette

The solution was to lean in a different direction than the other similarly-colored schools had gone with their designs.

The presence of the state flag emblem on the helmet is not new for the Aggies, but this particular design is. We went with white on the helmet as well as the socks in order to break up the colors and give both contrast and accent.

The cross-hatch emblem carries through onto the front collar, while the jersey numerals feature peaks to hint at the mountains of Southeast New Mexico. That also appears in the sublimated mountains on both sleeves.

This second helmet is a more direct homage to the state flag, as Aggie crimson accompanies the same shade of yellow that appears on the flag.

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