William Shakespeare

The Globe

* famous London theatre in which after 1599 the plays of Williams Shakespeare were preformed

* when built, it became one of the most popular theaters in the world

* whenever people hear or think of the Globe theater they think of Shakespeare

* built in 1599

* the theater held around 3,000 people

* designed as a 3 story, open air, circular amphitheater

* poor and wealthy people could enjoy entertainment together

* white flag comedy, black flag tragedy, red flag historical

Stars of the Stage

* actors started touring and traveled the country to perform in towns and cities

* only boys and men could become actors

* most actors started their careers as a kid and would join one of the acting companies

* actors were given a scroll containing their lines, the line before them and ques

* actors performed in the afternoon in repertory

* relied on natural light to be seen on stage

* never preformed two days in a row

* every week they had to preform 6 different plays

* actors for Shakespeare had to have a lot of stamina and fitness because the Plays were exhausting

Dress code

* costumes were normally made with such care and made in layers

* many colors of clothes had a meaning and told the audience who they were

* a main reason why the costumes were elaborate was to complement the affects

* costumes were mainly the modern dress of time

* (women) ordinary clothes that reflected social status the character played

* wore wigs, which, by the color and styles showed age

* (men, boys) important people who left clothes to servants in their wills

* servants weren't allowed to wear expensive clothes, so they gave them to plays

Historical Context

* April 23, 1616 Shakespeare was born and dead

* 1590 was his first play

* 1613 was his final play

* had 7 siblings

* 3 children

Romeo and Juliet

* written between 1591-1596

* plausibly dated 1595

* was considered a tragedy play

* led by king or queen

* theater was built ( globe theater )

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