The History of Fantasy Sports

Who is credited with starting fantasy sports?

One of the earliest published accounts of fantasy sports involved Oakland businessman and one time Oakland Raiders limited partner Wilfred "Bill" Winkenbach. He devised fantasy golf in the latter part of the 1950s. Each player selected a team of professional golfers and the person with the lowest combined total of strokes at the end of the tournament would win. Golf is a simple fantasy game to administer and keep tabs on, since each participant is concerned only with the scores of his or her team members without anything else to complicate it. However, it was never organized into a widespread hobby or formal business.

What is Rotisserie League Baseball?

According to the rules, players (termed "owners") in the Rotisserie League would draft teams from the list of active Major League Baseball players and would follow their statistics "during the ongoing season" to compile their scores. In other words, rather than using statistics for seasons whose outcomes were already known, the owners would have to make similar predictions about players' playing time, health, and expected performance that real baseball managers must make.

What part have sports journalists played in growth of fantasy sports?

Sports journalists have the ability to give their predictions on games and how different players will perform. This then engages the audience to become more active in their fantasy leagues.

When did fantasy football begin to emerge in the market?

The inaugural league was called the GOPPPL (Greater Oakland Professional Pigskin Prognosticators League), and the first draft took place in the rumpus room of Winkenbach's home in Oakland, California in August 1963.

How much is fantasy sports worth today?

In today's world, fantasy sports are estimated to be valued around $70 billion.

What are the issues with fantasy sports?

Many consider it to fall under the classification of gambling. If this were to be found true, fantasy sports companies could be subject to serious legal punishment.

Why do some groups want to ban fantasy sports sites?

The gambling users of these sites could get into major trouble if fantasy sports were to be found as a form of betting.

How has the internet expanded the popularity of fantasy sports?

New websites/ companies such as DraftKings or FanDuel have made it more accessible for the public to become involved with fantasy leagues. The creation of new websites and apps have helped fantasy sports to gain more exposure and popularity throughout the world.

What is FSTA? What interest do they represent?

The FStA is the Fantasy Sports Trade Associaton. It represents the interests of the fantasy sports companies.

What problems have occurred with the fast growth of fantasy sports?

Due to mass amount of money being spent in these fantasy leagues, authorities and the media are beginning the question the legality of these sights. Fantasy sports companies continue to deny that they are associated with gambling.

How would you explain the enthusiasm for fantasy sports?

Many people who play, or part take in fantasy sports spend hours upon hours trying to draft the perfect team, or spending their limited budget in the most efficient way possible. Some people may not even care about the sport, they just play for thrill that surrounds the whole experience.

What is the ethical dilemma presented by online fantasy sports sites that require payment to participate?

Many people want to play fantasy sports, but paying for it may be classified as gambling. After paying, people feel guilty that they may have done something illegal.

How has the media been impacted by fantasy sports?

The media has adapted by talking more about fantasy sports and creating special programs dedicated to fantasy sports. Many fantasy players will tune into these programs every week to help them in their league.

How have athletes and teams been affected by fantasy sports?

Athletic teams have signed huge deals with fantasy sports companies, so that they may have the right to use their name and the players' names. It has also put extra pressure on athletes to perform better for the fantasy players who have drafted them.

What future trends do you see for the industry?

In the near future, the fantasy sports industry may dissolve as it could be easily classified as gambling.

Who is the core target market for fantasy sports? Who typically plays/ participates?

The target market is all sports viewers, mainly males in the age range of 16 to 40.


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