TOOLKIT- Toolbox for Entrepreneurs.

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What is a TOOLKIT?

It is a digital toolbox

What is it for?

It serves to have a better coverage and digital presence of your company.

How did this initiative come about?

This initiative was created by Christopher Broose businessman linked to the Observatory, he told us that this development was very necessary.

OMiPYME + analyzes the proposal and decides to do it from businesspeople to businesspeople, it is a living prototype in the sense that as more businessmen share tools, more will be in this TOOLKIT.

The tools they share enter into a curatorial process, which consists of the following: reviewing them, verifying that they are available, that they are free, and that they have an option for Spanish, etc.

Who is it for?

For people who are starting their entrepreneurship or people who have a company and are facing the challenge of having a greater digital reach.

This digital toolkit will help you save many hours of searching and perceived the opportunity costs of not knowing about tools that make things easier.

This is a production of UNED- OMiPYME+

Vice Presidency of Research Office

San Jose, Costa Rica 2020


  • OMiPYME leader: Lizette Brenes Bonilla
  • Linked Researcher: Christopher Brosse
  • Content Producer: Karla Yanitzia Artavia Díaz