Unsinkable Created by Audrey Severtson

Aboard the Titanic, April 14, 1912

My eyes teared, sweat rolled down my face, and I ran as hard as I could down the deck. The unsinkable ship was sinking, and I had to find a way to get off to remain.

24 hours before:


Hi, my name is Eva, and I am a girl of many names. For example, pick-pocketer, liar, and just an all around bad person. But for now, just call me Eva. Right now I am on a scavenger hunt with my friend Luke. What kind of scavenger hunt you ask? Well lets just say we're hungry, and we're determined to find food.


Hi, I'm Luke, Eva's best friend. I'd say that we have known each other since we were both about 8 years old, but I don't really remember. All I know is that I trust her with my life. She is a real asset to our group (that consists of three people). "WAAAAAH!" Oh, that would be Eva's little sister. Her name is Samantha, but we just call her Sammy. "WAAAAAH!"

"I'm coming Sammy," I called. Sammy, is only three years old, and if it hadn't been for Eva, she would have died. A little while back, when me and Eva first met each other, her little sister gotten frail, and since Eva was out finding us food, I didn't know how to care for her. But luckily, just as the sickness was at it's worst, and I thought for sure that our Creator would claim her for his kingdom, Eva rushed into our little home with medicine she had found in a thrift shop.

"I heard her crying, and I could smell sickness," she had whispered to me when she finally got Sammy to sleep. "I was so worried about her, but I knew where to find the medicine so I got it and came back as fast as I could."

"Thank you so much," I had whispered back. "I didn't know what to do! Oh, I know this may not be the time, but I don't suppose you brought any chow back, did you?" I had asked hopefully.

""In fact, I did," Eva replied. That night we had feasted on the pizza slices she had brought back. They had a sort-of rotting taste, but it was food.

"WAAAAAH!" Sammy's cry brought me back to reality, and I rushed over to feed her.


"Soooo," I said to Luke as I finished my drawing. "What do you think?" I'm sort of an artists, so whenever I am bored I pull out my sketch book, and draw.

"It's great," Luke replied, his voice hallow.

"What's wrong?" I asked, starting to worry.

"Well nothings wrong, but I saw this on one of the news papers that I found on the streets." He held up a part of a news paper, and it read- Titanic, the unsinkable ship. First class tickets- $4,000. Third class tickets- $36

"Well, I don't see what the big deal is," I said, confused as why Luke looked so bouyant. He opened his mouth to reply, but I cut him off. "We can't afford either of those tickets; not even third class."

"We do if we use the reserve money," He replied, looking matter-of-factly. It seemed as if he had had the news paper for sometime now, and had thought all of this through.

"But what about Sammy? We can't just leave her here," I retorted.

"I already thought of that. They have a infantry on board, and children under five go for free," When I didn't reply he said, "Look, this could be our one chance to get somewhere nice. In America, they don't let kids like us go without food or shelter, They give us HOMES." He didn't look hopeful now, he just looked pleadingly up at me.

"I need to think about it," I whisper, noticing that Sammy is asleep. I faked a yawn, hoping that it looked real enough. "We will talk about it in the morning." And with that, we curled up into our makeshift beds and went to sleep.


"Morning sleepy head," I heard a voice say. I opened my eyes, blinked away sleep, and got out of bed. When I looked up, I saw Eva standing over me with our reserve money....? Wait. Was she agreeing to- "We have to get going if we are going to get there on time," I practically jumped out of my bed and hugged her.

"Thank you so much Eva!!" I exclaimed happily.

"I thought about what you had said about America, and I want to give the best chance for Sammy in an actual family." She replied, looking embarrassed that I was hugging her. I quickly let go, feeling self conscious. "But like I said a minute ago, We have to hurry to make it to the boarding docks," She said seriously.

A few hours later

We finally made it to the docks, and when we got to the docking port for the Titanic, I frantically looked for the money for the tickets. I had remembered putting them in my pant pocket, but the money wasn't there. I stepped out of line, and pulled Eva out of the line with me. "Do you have the money?" I asked starting to panic.

"Yeah, you dropped it awhile back so I picked it up," When she saw how panicked I was, she suddenly looked very apologetic. "I'm sorry if I caused you panic, I should have told you." I quickly forgave her, and got back in line.

After boarding the Titanic, which looked ace, we all went down to our room and tried to get ready to go out into the public ship. We weren't used to being around a lot of people, so we decided to stay in our cabin like home. We laid down to rest since we had walked for about 4 hours, and I felt like I could sleep for an entire fortnight, but I only slept for A WHOLE ENTIRE DAY!! I had never felt so well rested in my life!! Well, anyway, we finally made the decision to go outside to a restaurant, or something to get something to eat.

"I want chicken!" Sammy said loudly.

"Okay Sammy," I said humorously. "We will get you some chicken"

"YAAAAAAAY!" She yelled happily.

After getting chicken and capsicum, we left to go to the deck, and see the beautiful night sky. When we got out there, it seemed like there were BILLIONS of stars! We had never seen so many stars in our entire LIVES!! "It's so exquisite!" I whispered.

"I wonder where the orb of night is," Sammy said. "I wish I could see it."

"Why? You've seen it before," Eva asked.

"Well, I can see a silhouette of something over there, and I wan't to know what it is,"

"Actually, what is that?" I said. It was to large to be another boat, but to small to be America. I dismissed it, thinking that it must just be a small island. That was my first mistake.


After going out onto the deck, we decided that it was a good idea to go back inside because it was nippy! But once we got inside of our room, a piercing alarm went off, and we felt the whole ship jerk of to the side.

"AHHH!" That was Sammy.

"Sammy! Are you okay?" I asked frantically.

"Eva, we have to get up there," Luke said. His eyes were deep pools of fear. Something was wrong, and we all knew it. We all got up to the deck and tried to figure out what was going on. That's when I saw it. The silhouette that we had seen was and ICEBERG! And somehow it tore open the entire side of the ship!

"We have to get of of the ship!!" I screeched. The unsinkable ship was sinking, and we had to get off.

"Look!" Luke yelled. "Life boats!" He picked up Sammy, and we bolted down the deck, trying to find a open life boat.

"Over there," I screamed. Sammy was howling, Luke was panicking, and I felt like I was about to faint. We had to survive! We had just wanted a better life! "Why are you doing this oh glorious Creator? Have we done something wrong?" I shouted at the sky. We ran down to the open life boat, Luke handed me Sammy, and I carried her onto the life boat. But as soon as Luke tried to get on the life boat, a crew member bucked him back and roared.

"Women and children first!!"

"He's only fourteen!" I cried. But he wasn't listening anymore, and every time Luke tried to sneak onto the boat, he got shoved back. I was jockey for the position at the front of the life boat.

"You have to take Sammy," He said, his eyes tearing. "You have to give her the life she deserves."

"But I just can't leave you!" I cried.

"You have to," He said sadly. "I'll try and get off some other way, but if I can't, you have to look after Sammy."

"But I love you," I whispered, my voice trailing off. Luke managed to smile.

"I love you too, and I always will," He whispered back. Now every one was pushing and shoving, and in the hubbub, Luke got shoved back.

"No!!" I screamed. I felt like my heart was breaking for the second time. I couldn't lose Luke! "NO!!" I shrieked again. But it was no use, Luke was gone, and all I had was Sammy.

"Where did Luke go?" Sammy asked in a small voice. For the fist time, I realized that she had thought of Luke as her brother. Her eyes were red with tears, and her face was squished and she looked gutted.

"He left," I whispered, my voice barely a breath. My heart twisted with grief as we got lowed into the sea, and I felt very knackered. I gazed sadly at Sammy, then to the Titanic, which was sinking fast now, and I was gobsmacked at how fast it sunk .

I am a survivor of the engulfing of the Titanic, and so is my little sister Sammy. We survived, but my best friend didn't. His name was Luke. I loved him, but I know he will never come back. I will always remember him.

The end

Thank you for reading my story. Sorry it is so long.

British words:

Creator: God, Capsicum: Bell peppers, Orb of Night: Moon, Buoyant: hopeful, Nippy: Freezing, Hubbub: Turmoil, Jockey for the Position: Scrambled, Howling: Cried, Engulfing: Sinking, Bucked: Shoved, Exquisite: Beautiful, Chow: Food, Remain: Live, Frail: Sick, Knackered: Tired, Gutted: Devastated, Gobsmacked: Shocked, Ace: Brilliant, Fortnight: 2 weeks, Shrieked: Screamed loudly.


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