Women key concpet

Period 1

Elizabeth I

Defeated the Spanish Armada and reestablished protestantism

Matriarchal society was when the Indians passed down all the power thru the women.

Period 2

Anne Hutchinson: Preached God reached out to everyone not just church leaders. forced to leave Massachusetts, so her followers (he Antinomianists) and her founded NH

Daughters of Liberty-patriots who boycotted British goods

Phyllis Wheatley- slave poet in Boston

Period 3

Abigail Adams- Samuel Adam's wife, women's rights advocate

Republican Motherhood-As a mother your devotion can be the reason your son could be a Founding Father

Role of women in Revolutionary War

Period 4

Cult of Domesticity-glorification of tradition homemaking roles of women

Dolley Madison-James Madison's wife asset to him

Elizabeth Cady Stanton-Suffrage leader , seneca falls convention

Factory Girls- Women who moved to working in factories

Grimkee Sisters-suffragettes

Louisa May Alcott-writer and reformer. Wrote Little Women

Seneca Falls Convention-First women's rights convention

Susan B. Anthony-Women's rights. Followers called Suzy B's

Period 5

Clara Barton-A reformer and nurse of the nineteenth century, who founded the American Red Cross in the 1880s. She had organized nursing care for Union soldiers during the Civil War.

Period 6

Carrie Chapman Catt:Spoke about suffrage, head of the National American Woman Suffrage

Charlotte Perkins Gilman:feminist writer who advocated cooperative cooking and child care arrangements to promote women's economic independence and equality

Emily Dickenson:NE poet

Phobition (WCTU):reformer Frances Willard and others to oppose alcohol consumption

Susan B. Anthony: women's rights activist

Triangle Shirtwaist Factory: Fire caused 200+ women to be killed because of unsafe conditions

Wyoming Territoty women's suffrage: first steps to equal rights, women had voting rights


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