The Seminoles by Devin Smith

Early life of Seminoles

Their main religion was Christianity.

They spoke the Muskogee language and were descendants of the Creek Indians

They settled in the South near present day Florida in the 1700's

It was a safe haven for runaway slaves

Daub House

Seminole Houses and Culture

They lived in wattle and daub houses.

Main ritual that was celebrated was called the Green Corn Danmce

Staple foods are corn, squash, and beans

1st Seminole War

The Seminole Wars

The Seminole Indians faced the forces of the American army three times

They felt as though they were getting pushed around from their home to different lands and being forced to sign a treaty.

Osceola, the Seminole leader wanted to stand up to the Americans

Signing of Adams-OnĂ­s Treaty settled the wars

They wore turban like head wear. Men wore different kids of animal skins.
The Seminoles used bow, arrows, and tomahawk while hunting. They used body paint and tattoos.


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