The bombing of Hiroshima By: Kamryn wAshington

These are pictures taken in Japan

Hiroshima, Japan was bombed on August 6, 1945 at 8:16am Japan's time or here in Marietta, Georgia, 6:16am. In this famous event, 140,000 people were killed by radiation. Citizens were crushed inside buildings that fell or they were blown away. The ICRC, International Comittee of the Red Cross, reported that people had had broken internal organs, broken skulls, open fractures, and penetration wounds. This powerful bomb destroyed about 70 percent of buildings. But this wasn't any ordinary bomb. This was an atomic bomb also called Little Boy. Little Boy was dropped out of the Enola Gay, an American b-29 bomber, and onto Hiroshima. Paul Tibbets, a general in the United States Air Force is best known as the pilot who flew the Enola Gay when it dropped the world's first atomic bomb. As a matter of fact, the Enola Gay was named after Paul Tibbets's mom Enola Gay Tibet's!! Paul had originally enlisted in the United States Army in 1937 nd soon in 1938 became qualified as a pilot.

These are pictures of destroyed buildings in Japan
These are pictures of Little Boy and the mushroom cloud on Hiroshima

But why did we bomb Hiroshima in the first Place? The United States of America bombed the city because in 1945, Japan had about 350,000 people in it and the city was untouched by war. Hiroshima was an important military and manufacturing center. There were at least 40,000 military personnel stationed there during the summer of 1945. Because of this, the city was selected to be the first target of an atom in bomb attack. So, early in the morning of August 6, a B-29 plane took of from Trinain which is an island about 6 hours from Hiroshima by air. With Little Boy inside of the Enola Gay, at 8:16 Gay's doors opened and Little Boy was dropped out over Hiroshima. The atomic bomb exploded about 1,900 feet over the city. It instantly killed 45,000 people. Aditionally, another 19,000 people are estimated to have been killed from radiation.

Interesting facts:

  • There were 125,310 people involved in the Manhattan project
  • The atomic bomb reached an estimated temperature of 7,000 degrees celsius
  • Hiroshima means Broad Island in Japanese
  • The oleander flower was the first thing to bloom after the atomic bomb. Now it is the official flower of Hiroshima
  • The movie Godzilla was inspired by the attack on Hiroshima. Godzilla was a metaphor for nuclear weapons.


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