Character Trait Project By Kasey Bubel

Schuylkill Valley High School
  • What good character trait do you feel is exhibited most at SV? I believe a good character trait exhibited the most at SV is citizenship. Because SV is a small school, citizenship is important so everyone gets along. Here at SV we are united as one and are all panthers. When someone is successful and they are from SV, everyone know about it and congratulates that person.
  • Choose three of the six character traits and demonstrate how and why they are important.
  1. Respect- Respect is important because it can help you through your whole life. Being respectful is doing little things to show others admiration. It leaves others with good lasting images of you.

2. Responsibility- Responsibility is important because it shows your maturity. As someone gets older they are responsible for more things. Being someone who forgets things all the time and is not responsible does not say much about yourself.

3. Trustworthiness- Trustworthiness is important because it shows a lot about someones character. If someone can trust you then they know you are a good person and believe you will do something.


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