Vail School District

Fall Hackathon 2019

Projects Showcased: December 6th, 2019

Location: Vail Innovation Center

What is a hackathon? A hackathon is a fun way for people to come together to think creatively and solve problems. Students are encouraged to find a problem they see in their community and find a technology-focused solution. Solutions may be presented in many ways!

How is this related to science fair? Although they are not connected in any way the hackathon can be a great way to get a head start if you are excited about science fair! SARSEF includes a computer science category so start out your project now and have more time to work on it!

So what do I do for the Hackathon? Students are encouraged to find a problem they have in their life or that they see in their community and come up with an innovative way to solve it. This does not have to include coding but it should be creative and include technology is some way.

How do I present my project? Get creative! You can create a model or prototype, draw pictures, create a video, newspaper, advertise, blog, or use any other method as long as you clearly and effectively communicate your ideas. On December 6th students will get the chance to present their ideas to a small team of judges and get feedback on their project.

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