Aircraft Engineer Helping you fly safe

How they make them

What is the salary for a Aircraft engineer?

Aircraft engineers make $107,830 per year and $51.84 per hour

What are the major job responsibilities?

Aircraft engineers have to make planes rockets to go to space and even missials to ensure our safety.

Where do they work?

Most aircraft engineers work inside but they could also work outside as long as they get it done.

Are they safe to use?

If the plane, rocket ship, or rocket is safe they can use it, but if it can damage people or or hurt people it can not be safe unless it is used for military purposes.

Where do they work?

When the engineers are designing the aircraft they work in a office type area.

Is it safe enough?

Some people ask if there is a demand for this job in the future. If you are thinking no then you WRONG. there will be a high demand for this because people don't want to drive or walk for many of hours. instead they can take a plane and get there faster might take hours sill but driving there would take longer.

Is there a certain degree you must have

People wander what type of degree you need to be a aircraft engineer. You must have a bachelors degree. (4 years of collage.)

Plane getting worked on in a hanger
Man working on airplane engine
Other man working on a engine


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