Journey Log 8 By Adam Schwartz

Adam Schwartz

English 1030

3 April 2017


Fake NFL draft scout article

Notes for Ralph's Pro day

Name: Ralph, safety


This guy has a tremendous upside due to his tremendous speed and ball tracking ability. I've never seen anyone finish the play like this guy does. His speed complements his coverage skills along with his great ball tracking ability. Ralph displays tremendous ability using his ears to listen for the ball dropping and then his athletic ability to turn his body towards the ball and attack it. When he does mess up, Ralph's incredible speed allows him to get back into position. Overall, Ralph may play has a solid free safety, helping with deep coverage and speed receivers, but he has the ability to line up toe to toe with anyone in the league. Since he has four legs, it's almost impossible to juke him and out, and he can stop or accelerate on a dime.


While Ralph is a great athlete, there are some character concerns that could greatly affect his draft stock. Generally, Ralph is more likely to choose playing himself rather than with other dogs. Although he is in no way hostile, he really just seems concerned with his own well being.

Player Comparison:

Ralph reminds me mostly of Jalen Ramsey, a safety out of Florida State University last year, and taken by the Jacksonville Jaguars. Even through one year, Ramsey has demonstrated how superior he is compared to other players athletically. Ralph displays similar cover skills, and even faster combine stats. While Ramsey ran a 4.41 40 yard dash and a 4.18 20 yard shuttle, Ralph posted a 4.13 40 yard dash and a 3.59 20 yard shuttle. Jalen Ramsey went 5th overall and got a 15.6 million dollars signing bonus. Ralph's combine skills show that he could get similar numbers.


Ralph is a free spirited individual who truly loves the game for what it is. When he runs you can see his smile as he kicks up dirt like a speeding bullet. The guy will work his ass off to get to that next level, his work ethic is on another level, and while his communication skills may seem shaky, his talent may make up for it. As long as the organization that drafts him can check him in check, this guy could have one hell of a career.

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