Moments that Matter February 2020

Embodiment Opening Tomorrow at Open Door Art Studio & Gallery

The human figure has been described as the ideal of beauty, and Open Door artists are featuring it as a work of art! Embodiment presents a collection that honors the beauty and grace of the human form in a body of work not to be missed!


Saturday, February 8, 2020 from 5 - 7 pm


Open Door Art Studio & Gallery (directions)

Special Thanks:

We would like to extend a sincere thank you to American Structurepoint for their generous sponsorship of this exhibition!

A Celebration of Love This Valentine's Day!

Join us at the Sweet As Candy Valentine's Day Dance for an evening featuring great music, lots of dancing, delicious sweet treats, a photo booth to capture the moment, and other fun activities!

This event is open to all, so we hope to see you there!

Park West Sensory Garden Receives Grant to Improve Accessibility

We are so excited to share that we have been awarded funding to construct new concrete pathways; increasing the accessibility of the Sensing Independence Garden at Park West Court Apartments!

Over the last two years, our incredible team of ancillary medical professionals have worked tirelessly to create a wonderful sensory garden for the individuals who call Park West home. The garden features a number of stations and activities, all designed to engage and immerse users in a complete sensory experience.

But, despite all their hard work, something was missing - an easy way for wheelchair users to access it! Thanks to generous support from The Columbus Foundation's Urban Gardening Grant and its partners, come spring, the Sensing Independence Garden will feature several new pathways, enabling folks with limited mobility to fully experience the garden with ease!

Keep a look-out for updates on this project in future editions of the Moments that Matter Newsletter!

Equality Means Equal Access to Employment Opportunities

For many of the individuals we support, getting a job in the community is their number one goal. It's one of our top goals too, and our employment connectors work hard every day to help individuals find valued career roles!

Here's a look at a few of these great success stories!

Tama Goolsby

Tama has been working at Kroger since July of 2016 as a Courtesy Clerk. In her current role, she is responsible for begging customer items, and restocking returned merchandise. Tama would like to continue to grow with Kroger, and hopes to one day learn new roles in other departments.

Ron Rammage

Ron is approaching his one year anniversary employment with Goodwill! He started out working at their Fisher Rd. location sorting clothes and other donated items, and then transferred to the Brice Rd. location where he assists customers by taking their donated items and writing them receipts. In between donations, Ron scans donated books and separates them according to their condition. Congrats on a successful first year, Ron!

Gilly Kauffman

Gilly is a Greeter working at Sky Zone where she has been employed since November of 2018. Gilly greets guests to the trampoline park by giving them high-five with a giant foam hand! In addition to greeting customers, she is also responsible for monitoring guests as they are bouncing on the trampolines and is in the process of helping with food orders and learning the cash register.

Linda Arbuckle

Linda has been working with AMC Movies since October or 2018. She works hard to clean the theaters after each movie is over, making it nice and clean for the next group of customers to enjoy.

Jeff Wright

Jeff has been with LA Fitness since June of 2018. Jeff takes great pride in his custodial responsibilities which include include cleaning the restrooms, emptying trash, mopping and vacuuming the gym entrance, and cleaning the in-house daycare after closing.

Tonia Boyuk

Tonia is an Elevator Attendant at Nationwide Arena where she has been employed since August of 2017. She helps guests get where they need to go, and sometimes gets additional tips for her kindness and great conversation.

Marquetta O'Neal

Marquetta has been with Duchess Shoppe since October of 2018. She works to keep the store clean inside and out, and makes sure the soda and coffee areas are fully stocked. Currently, Marquetta is learning help in the kitchen by making hot dogs, pizza, and soup for her customers.

Allen Cooper

Allen has been with Goodwill since October of 2018. His primary duty involves emptying the trash cans at each employee cubicle on his assigned floors and putting in new trash bags if they need to be changed.

Amy Kirk

Amy has been working the Hilliard Goodwill location since February 2015. Her job duties include separating and tagging clothes, and hanging them on racks to be put out on the floor for customer purchase. Amy also works the floor at times where she straightens up and puts out-of-place clothing back onto the correct racks.

Join us in celebrating their success!

If you are looking for a job, or are an employer looking for dedicated, loyal, and hard-working employees, we can help! Contact us to learn more today!

Carissa Aikman: Everyone is an Artist

Last month, Open Door received a very special gift from the family of Carissa Aikman. Her sister, Megan Aikman, along with her husband, Greg Wolf, gifted us a copy of a book containing photos of all the artwork Carissa completed while at the studio.

Carissa required the use of a head pointer to paint, but that didn't stop her from being an incredibly prolific artist, and the book has upwards of 115 of her paintings and titles.

Carissa passed away in June of 2016, but her zest for life, and the beauty she saw within it left a huge impression on the studio, it's artists, and in our hearts.

Experiences Are Everything

Our visual look back at some of the places we've been and the fun we've had over the last month! Enjoy!

Shooting hoops at Dodge Recreation Center
Volunteering with kids at Rainbow Child Care Center
Learning about wildlife at Highbanks Metro Park Nature Center
Supporting food security at Heart to Heart Food Pantry
Standing in awe at the beauty of nature at Franklin Park Conservatory
King for a day (or a meal) at Burger King
Working on personal goals at Planet Fitness
Trying on a new jacket at Night to Shine
Overcoming anxiety to get a much-needed haircut
Prepping for Valentine's Day at Walmart

Other News & Upcoming Events

Volunteer Spotlight: Rory Prem

Rory, a high school senior at Linworth Alternative, saw a perfect fit at Open Door Art Studio & Gallery.

As a volunteer intern, Rory works one-on-one with the artists in the studio, and also assists with cleaning, organization, and anything else that needs done around the studio.

She is great with our artists, even going so far as to paint a little slice of cake when she learned someone had an upcoming birthday!

Rory says she appreciates the respect that she's been given by both artists and staff alike and has enjoyed meeting new people and making new friends.

When she's not volunteering at Open Door, or St. Peter's Church, Rory loves to paint and work on commissions she has been given. She is the loving owner of 2 pet rats and a guitar that she likes to play when she has the time.

Thank you, Rory! We appreciate you!

An Update on Quality Improvement: Park West Court Apartments

In December, the focus for Quality Improvement was on Park West Court Apartments! Here is our last report on this important survey:

The categories rated were Quality, Responsiveness, Notifications, Punctuality, Professionalism & Environment. Survey participants included staff from different departments and family members.

In December, all categories, except “Environment,” showed slightly higher ratings from those in June.

The highest rated category was Punctuality, with a B+, and the lowest category was Professionalism with a B-. Ratings in general were consistent with ratings given in 2018 and earlier in 2019.

What difference does it make?

A lot! Your ratings tell a story. Becky and our Administrative Team now have two solid years of staff and family ratings that allows us to “see what you see.” Patterns and trends become apparent… especially when there is agreement by people working in different departments.

That becomes a great help in determining where we should focus our attention. If you remember last month's newsletter – you probably weren't surprised to see goals that were a direct reflection of these ratings.

By the way, CCHS @ UCO Industries received the highest ratings for Quality and “Playing Well with Others” (Responsiveness & Professionalism) for two years straight!!

Thanks to all for your participation!

- Craig Gladwell, Director of Quality Improvement Systems

Spring Cleaning in Grove City

Sometimes de-cluttering and cleaning up can seem like a daunting task. But these gentlemen, along with support from their Lead DSP, Linda, tackled the challenge head-on!

Together, they sorted, donated, or discarded over 3 loads of items from their home! Kudos to you all for your hard work, and enjoy all that extra space!!

Celebrating Special Olympic Success in Union County

Some of our folks from CCHS @ UCO Industries participated in the special Olympics banquet and received awards!!!

Left to right: Eric McDonald, Chris waters, Clyde Hamilton, Shawn smith, Tyler Dillahunt; Front: Sandy Walton

Congratulations to you all!

We wrapped up the day with photo booth pictures and a white elephant gift exchange.

Open Door and Rev36 Artists Work Accepted into Statewide Exhibitions

Congratulations to the following artists whose work has been accepted into the upcoming Art Possible Ohio: Accessible Expressions and Art & Soul exhibitions!

  • Candy Taylor
  • Kevin Cantrell- 1st place Professional
  • Charles Poe
  • Adam Richards
  • Ceith Purifoy
  • Tommi Lee Gillard
  • Patrick Harmon
  • Brooklyn Gary
  • Nancy Eggert
  • Sara Barton

Maintenance Team Welcomes Key Member Back to Team

We would like to take a moment to welcome back an important member of the CCHS team!

Jeff Bevan, who has been with us for 11 years, has returned to work following an extended medical leave.

We are so happy to have you back, Jeff!

Employees of the Month

We would like to extend a warm congratulations to our December Employees of the Month! The following employees were recognized by their peers for living out our mission, vision, and core values in their work:

Skylar Schopp (Administrative): "I would just like to state that Skyler has been the best communicator as a Program Coordinator. Being a Guardian, she keeps me in all the loops when it comes to my ward. I've not had to reach out to her first about anything. Whenever, I've spoken to her about any suggestions, she has moved quickly and updated me daily, if not sometimes hourly, on what we discussed. Thank you for promptness, your quick communication, and response to concerns and or suggestions! Keep up the good work!" - Christy
Hadja Diallo (Residential): "Hadja makes sure that the ladies at our Santiago location are taken care of, but she does so much more than that!! Hadja takes pride in the care she gives, and whenever the ladies need her she is there. On, or off the clock, if something ever happens and our ladies need someone Hadja is there. The ladies think of her as so much more than a caregiver; she is their family, friend, a shoulder to cry on, and one amazing DSP! To me, that is inspiring life journeys! GO HADJA!! (I am proud to be working along side of you, thank you.)" - Skylar
Linda Thornburg (Residential): "Linda helped out so much this past weekend! She stayed over and due to call-off's was pulled to multiple apartments to help out. She is definitely a team player, and we appreciate your flexibility!" - Kim
Kristie Trygstad (ADS): "Kristie inspires all lives she encounters! She truly is an amazing part of our team at UCO! Kristie jumps in where ever is needed and is always making sure everyone is taken care of. She does an amazing job at advocating for the individuals we serve as well as our staff! I appreciate all the hard work that she gives on a daily basis! Kristie you are awesome keep up the good work and thanks for stepping in where ever and stepping up when needed! You are a Rockstar!" - Victoria
Brian Myers (ADS): "Brian has been very understanding and helpful when we needed his help to cover the floor this week. We appreciate you everyday! Thank you so much." - Kristie