William Floyd Unity Week 2021

(Above) Fourth-grade students at John S. Hobart Elementary School dressed in white for the district's annual Unity Week, gathered in front of their school to spell out the word UNITY! The classes participating included Ms. Warren, Mrs. Sidaras, Ms. Spencer, Mr. Young, Ms. Kimmerling, Ms. Perrette, Ms. Engasser, Ms. Guzik and Ms. Gillin!

William Floyd students recently participated in the district’s annual Unity Week celebration and worked on various projects with a focus on peace, unity and togetherness. See below for a recap!

Fifth-grade classes at Moriches Elementary School donned all the different colors of the rainbow for Unity Week! The participating classes included Mrs. Gunderson, Mrs. Scala, Mrs. Acker & Mrs. Pantke, Mrs. Barnes, Mr. Brown and Mr. Megna!
First-grade students in Ms. Sciacca’s, Ms. Strull’s, Mrs. Napolitano’s, Mrs. Vederosa’s and Ms. Kreiling’s classes at William Floyd Elementary School celebrated Peace & Unity week through a Todd Parr author study. They read his books about peace, love, feeling good and making mistakes. Students then created their own peace books to talk about what peace and unity mean to them.
At Nathaniel Woodhull Elementary School, first-grade students in Ms. Catalano’s, Mrs. Caffrey’s, Ms. Celebre’s, Ms. Franco’s, Ms. Lanza’s and Ms. Rau’s classes participated in a special project in which they decorated hand cut-outs to represent themselves. Once completed, the hands were made into a collage and affixed to a bulletin board in the first-grade hallway!
At John S. Hobart Elementary School, Mrs. Legault’s and Mr. Cortigino’s kindergarten class a collaborated with Ms. Chieffo’s class to create a special “Buddy Tree!” On this project, students stamped apples – selecting the color and the shape of each stem. Each unique apple was then put onto the Buddy Tree to represent how each person is unique and worthy of acceptance and love.
Students in Ms. Maertz’s art classes at Moriches Elementary School traced the symbol of peace and filled in the sections with imagery that represented what peace and unity means to them. With the help of social worker Mrs. Knoetgen, the students learned the importance of promoting peace, unity and diversity and how everybody is a little bit different but still beautiful.
Also at Moriches Elementary School, fifth-grade students received a visit from Suffolk County Police Officer Richardson to learn about the dangers of social media and how to protect themselves on the internet. Officer Richardson shared first-hand experiences about how communicating with strangers via social media or video games can be dangerous and provided the students with the proper ways on how to avoid them.
Kindergarten students in Ms. Leary's and Ms. Binkis's classes at John S. Hobart Elementary School also participated in some fun peace and unity activities! In Ms. Leary's class, students learned about unity and variation in painting rocks! The painted rocks are all different colors, shapes and sizes, and are all beautiful - just like them! And in Ms. Binkis's class, students read "The Peace Book" by Todd Parr, had a class discussion and did a class activity - creating a flower masterpiece out of their handprints!
Everyone belongs! Ms. Fassino’s class at John S. Hobart Elementary School worked on a Unity Project and completed a new bulletin board for outside of their classroom! They also read a story and spoke about the importance of accepting other people's differences.
Nathaniel Woodhull fourth-grade students in Ms. Cooke's class made origami hearts, doves and cranes as part of a Peace Crane Project Unity Week activity! The completed projects will be sent to fifth- and sixth-grade classes in Okinawa, Japan, who will be sending their very own special projects back!
Beautiful William Floyd High School student artwork!
Student artists in Mrs. Randazzo’s art classes created suns for the theme “Artists at Woodhull Shine with Kindness!” Great job by the students!
William Paca Middle School visual arts students in Mrs. Santoro's and Mr. Antenucci's classes created a "Waterfall of Unity" inspired by the concept of unity in nature in the style of artist Jen Stark's patterned drip paintings. Each piece, unique in shape and color, combine to make a spectacular and magnificent unified whole. Looks spectacular!

More art projects and installations to be featured on district social media! Be sure to follow! Go to www.wfsd.k12.ny.us and scroll to the bottom for social media widgets (mobile or desktop)!