Meghan Timmons Advanced Art Studio 2016-2017

This work was inspired by the song "Liability" by Lorde. I tried to capture the tender and sometimes sad emotions of a relationship - the melting of the man's face is an extension of tears, and the woman is comforting him. I also tried to portray the imagery of rain that Lorde creates in her song. For me, the music conjured an image of a rainy window looking out onto a city, which was my inspiration for the multicolored splotches. I do think if I were to redo this painting, I would change around the color scheme; I probably would either change the background or the color of the man's body, as they do slightly clash in my opinion. However, this was my first time experimenting with this style of art, and so I am nevertheless proud of the hard work I put into it and the final result.
This is the "best part of me" because it is my happy place. This little cove is about a mile away from my house in Massachusetts, and in the summer time, I run to the edge of the mainland here every morning. Alone, I watch the sun peek out over the horizon, and the water transform from gray to gold to blue. to When I am upset, I come here alone to watch the waves crash against the rocks and the boats pass by. I sit on the green bench and let the ocean speak to me. It's my sanctuary, and while the warm summer afternoons and evenings bring flocks of tourists, at 6:30 AM, this place is mine. I hope I was able to convey the sense of peace I feel every time I come here through the soft color scheme of whites, blues and grays. I am happy with how it turned out, and while I don't think I could ever do this place justice with any painting, it was a piece that I thoroughly enjoyed creating.
This is the final version of my hands and feet project. I am very happy with how certain aspects came out, especially my hand and foot, but I also think in the future I can improve how realistic my animals and backgrounds look. Despite this, I am pleased overall with the product. I loved working with oil pastels and am excited to use this medium more often.
I chose this photo because I wanted to capture an everyday, natural scene that involved hands and feet, not just recreate a picture that appears posed. I like the motion and playfulness that the scene shows, and I think the story (of my dog Riley and I playing tug of war) is clear as well. Furthermore, I wanted to challenge myself with this project, which is why I decided to show Riley's face at the top of the paper. While i am not finished, I am pleased so far with how my project has turned out, and am excited to continue working on it.


Created with images by apasciuto - "Ocean"Meghan Timmons

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