from beginnings and beyond Mari Deluria and Nina Concepcion

For our third visual dialogue, we play with the concept of the future. Our take is that the future is something that we can mold. From our desire to get better, to actually getting better and striving for more of what's out there in the world, we present a story that shares how we mold our future -- by acknowledging our humble beginnings and continue working and transgressing the limitations. (We speak of no endings, not to ignore the concept but to celebrate what is before it).

With these photographs, we also share what we've learned in Visual Communication -- that each and every photograph is not innocent and means to say something. In our case, we mean to express ourselves through our photos and share our own perception on how we should treat the 'future' -- with a little bit of uncertainty, but a spoonful of doubtlessness on where we want to be.

Mari Deluria 21, 4 BS MGT

Beginning. The camera I started with. The camera I learned the most basic of my skills from. Sold it in 2014.
Middle. A small collection of the different events I've participated in throughout my years in college.
Beyond. My pipe dream of being featured in an actual museum or art gallery someday.

Nina Concepcion 19, 2 BFA ID

Beginning. Area for guide books on painting, drawing, design, and photography. On it are FLC books in French and Spanish, paint brushes, and canvas. I got these when I was new in the field.
Middle. This is my bed and laptop tonight.
Beyond. I want to be good enough, so that I can use my own photographs and designs together, producing high quality magazines that showcase and teach both fields.

The future, although uncertain, propel us to striver harder in the field we choose. Our future is something we can mold in our hands, and now that we're in the rigorous process of learning about things that are strongly relevant to photography and design (such as Visual Communication), the only way we know to do is move forward.


Mari Deluria and Nina Concepcion

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