Reform movements Kyndal holmes 3rd period

Women's right is the fighting the idea that women should have equal right just the same as men. Over history, this has taken the form of gaining property rights , the women's suffrage , or the right of women to vote, reproductive rights , and the right to work for equal pay.

Abolitionists are against slavery, they want slavery to be abolished. They said slavery was wrong and if they want cotton they should pick it themselves. The abolitionist wanted to avoid making slavery a political issue. They believed that everyone should be independent in their work , not make everyone do work for them

In prison back in the 1800s people were beaten in jail for minor crimes. And they also threw mentally ill people in prison and the guards also whipped and beat them because of their behavior. Dorothea Dix saw this and was very angry and started a mentally ill hospital , so they wouldn't be treated so badly‚ú®.

The temperance movement was to make the selling of liquor illegal, and drinking it illegal. Before this temperance there were diatribes against drunkenness and excess. In biblical terms drinking is not a sin over indulgence is a sin, but some people thought that drinking period was illegal and wanted it to be banished forever.

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