The effects of sleeping with electronics by: Nicole D'Erario

People across America sleep next to their phones and this affects their sleeping process. Have you ever thought sleeping with your phone next to you could affect your sleeping process? Well according to articles such as '3 reasons Not to Sleep With Your Phone In Bed' and 'Is Falling Asleep With the TV On Actually Bad For You', sleeping with your phone next to you actually makes you more alert before bed and prevents you from falling into a deep sleep.

Children watching tv before bed

In addition, researchers say that there is a theory which is that blue light inhibits the production of melatonin. According to the article 'Is Falling Asleep With the TV On Actually Bad For You', it says that, "Nearly every article telling you to not fall asleep watching TV, references one of a couple studies about the effect of blue LED light on melatonin, a hormone that regulates your circadian rhythm." The specific relationship between watching television before bed reflects to your sleep quality and that is a huge hole in the medical literature.

An expert apple worker helping a customer with her computer

After school one day, I went to the apple store and interviewed two expert apple workers, who were sitting at the genius bar at the apple store in Greenwich CT. I asked them how sleeping next to your phone affects your sleeping process and one of them said, "Sleeping with your phone next to you makes you stay awake longer at night because you are hearing your notifications, so then you check your phone and you keep doing that which is not good for you." The other worker i asked said, "I know that when I sleep with my phone next to me, I stay awake until around two am because I am constantly checking my phone, so before I go to bed I turn my phone all the way off so I do not get any notifications."

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