Shan the Hair Doctor Love your hair!

Did you know that our hair is made up of the same material as our nails? Keratin! That hard protective layer that's there to protect our delicate skin from harm. We put it through within a decimal point of its life expectancy in the quest to keep it looking in ship shape, but how much do we care about our hair in between these styling matches?

The main reason for dry hair is simple; its thirsty! You see; if we humans are made up of 57-60% water, then it's only right that we must maintain a healthy level of moisture in the hair. This can be hard sometimes, as if like me, your hair is curly then water based products are a Nono! Especially if I straightened it. It's not happening. If you have straight finer hair then I sympathise with you as certain oils make your hair look and feel greasy. So how do we meet the balance and achieve that fluid liquidness that we all know exists in us?

I'm Shannel Harvey and I've been taking care of hair for over a decade now. I'm qualified in Afro / European combined hair types and absolutely love to test out products. My first love is to nurture hair. That is, bring hair back to life. To do this I test the best products on the market to demonstrate and deliver undeniable remedies and results!

Help me to find the best hair products.

We all have different hair types, but in reality our growth cycle and moisture levels are scaled the same on the PH balance. If you can achieve the optimal ph level of 4.5 -5.5 for your hair, you will be on the right road to a healthy, shiny and manageable head of hair.

If you are a brand that would like me to demonstrate your product, on a model to my audience please contact me by email below. I am a qualified expert who is keen to test the latest claims in revolutionary haircare products. If you are a confident brand wishing to showcase and prove your products effective attributes, I will test and deliver you a demo video review/Testimonial for your business.

If you are interested in becoming a model in my haircare demonstration videos, which will be for commercial use. Please email me at the above email address. (Free Hair Care services and payment offered to models) All hair types needed!

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