Canada 150 years

one of the three things that i adore about the country Canada is the sport of hockey. Hockey is Canada's national winter sport. It is played all over the world but the sport was born in Canada. In the international games Canada always dominates and competes well. On march 3, 1875, the first organized indoor game was played at Montreal's Victoria skating rink. Also hockey comes from the french word hoquet which means Shepard's crook, and the birth place of this wonderful sport is Windsor, Nova Scotia. Finally there are some very simple rules to the game of hockey. Hockey is a team sport played on ice. It includes two teams that are playing against each other and trying to score in their oppenents net. The length of each game is split up into three periods of twenty minutes. the rules are to be followed always and if not then appriot quansequenses will be made. the rules are five players only on at a time for each team and one goalie in the net.

My favourite landmark in Canada is the Niagara Falls. The Niagara falls is a famous landmark that is located on the borders of Canada and the United States of America. Niagara falls was formed when glaciers receded at the end of the Wisconsin glaciation. This landmark is a great space for family and friends to gather around and have a good time. When taking a trip down to the falls there are a lot of activities that can be done their such as maid of the mist, falls view casino and much more. there are also hotels in the area so that you and friends can stay for the weekend.

The final thing i like about Canada is the government. Canada's government gives back to the people in many ways that other governments might not give to their people. So by living in Canada we have to be very thankful and grateful for what we have and our freedom. Some of the things we receive from our government is free health care and free education. Unlike other countries like the united states Canada doesn't charge the people when they go to get a doctors note or to get checked it. Also not only are we allowed to go to school but also girls are allowed to as well. After that Canada's prime minister is currently Justin Trudeau and he is doing in extremely good job. One of the great things he does is let refugees into Canada and help them back on their feet. Unlike America that is banning people that have been kicked out of their home and forced to live on the streets.


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