save earth!!!!!!!!!!!! k.r.s.

This is earth!

If we don't stop throwing garbage other things, earth will end up like Mars😢.we need to work together to stop creatures and earth dying😅. .1 one way of helping is recycle as much as possible . 2 use soler panels . 3 don't by plastic.

don't eat so much meat


Created with images by WikiImages - "earth blue planet globe" • Mark Harpur - "untitled image" • Ryan Wallace - "untitled image" • elliecamp - "coral under the sea sea life" • PublicDomainPictures - "animal aqua aquarium" • Zahra Aprilita - "untitled image" • Jakob Owens - "untitled image" • Eric Muhr - "untitled image" • Teo Duldulao - "untitled image" • Victor Garcia - "untitled image" • ktsdesign - "World map with satellite data connections. Connectivity across the world." • metaliza01 - "cars movie movie cars" • atlantis0815 - "strawberry water splashes splash"

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