Genre-fication!? Organization in the School Library

What is Genre-fication? It is a way to organize a library collection by subject matter rather than using the Dewey system. Some of the most common genres are: fantasy, realistic fiction, horror, adventure, and mystery. While Dewey is widely practiced and understood, many libraries are now embracing the idea that one way to increase circulation and independence is to genre-fy the collection.

School librarians are not only responsible for teaching students how to find resources; they're also responsible for getting students to read, to want to read, and to make sense of what they read. If students are overwhelmed by or uninspired in the process of trying to find books, they will miss the opportunity to read them. (Schiano, 2013, p. 67)

  • Rarely do students enter the library and ask for a book by the title/author. They want a scary book or a fantasy.
  • Allows for greater curiousity and willingness to explore other authors/titles in the same genre. Provides a gateway to try other genres with a similar topic.
  • Create a personalized, user-friendly classification that increases circulation.
  • Increased awareness of collection and academic/personal needs of community.
  • Lowers anxiety about finding a book for assignments and promotes student's ownership in selecting an appropriate book.
  • Offers easier access to resources/texts
  • Provides a positive reading culture
'Do Not Disturb'- Reading in Progress!

Mark Ray states in his article, None of the Above(2013), that it shouldn't be genres vs. Dewey. Instead the focus should be that librarians now feel that there is a need for change. School libraries are looking for new organizational methods to meet the informational/educational needs of their current student patrons.

Genre-fication could create greater access to resources/books that students need academically and personally.


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