Uncovering the Unknown the update on immigrants in knoxville.

In late January, Square inc. released the short film, "Yassin Falafel." The story follows Yassin Terou, who fled from Syria. He is now living in Knoxville and has opened up a Falafel House.

Jack Dorsey, CEO of Square Inc., came to visit and complete a Q & A back in January about the short film. He tweeted out, "11% of Syrian immigrants to the U.S. are business owners, more than triple that of U.S.-born business owners." He also attached a link to the video which was later shared by Knoxville Mayor Rogero.

As President Trump's focus on immigration ban in the US increases so does the stress of many other undocumented refugees in America. Other immigrants, like the family Land Grant Films is currently in post-production with, are located in Knoxville and still worried about the possible outcomes. Their documentary will look at the resettlement process of a family from Burundi as they resettle in Knoxville.

Land Grant Films' tweeted out a picture comparing their own interview shots of Yassin to CNN's. Their twitter page can be located by the link button below.

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