Florida Museum of Natural History By Callie Mcdowell

I had a very good experience at this museum filled with nature. My friend and I focused mainly on the butterfly rainforest because we had heard many good things about it so we wanted to experience it ourselves. The design of the butterfly rainforest was beautiful and mind blowing. For a second I forgot I was in a museum and thought I was actually in a rainforest. Seeing hundreds of eye-catching butterflies was astonishing, but there was one specific moment that caught my attention. When i passed a butterfly sitting on a piece of fruit, I assumed that was its way of getting nutrients, but i wasn't exactly sure. I never thought about what butterflies consumed or how they did so, since they don't have mouths. This made me curious and wanted to learn more about the anatomy and the life of butterflies.

Everyone seemed to love this beautiful exhibit, so it would be mind blowing to me if anyone were to act any way other than respectful while in the rainforest. Seeing the butterflies itself was amazing, but even more so when they fluttered around and landed on you. The kids that were there when i visited sat quietly and waited for a butterfly to come near, becoming so excited when they felt one actually land on them. It is obvious that there are rules to follow for this exhibit and there is a brief verbal lesson on how to follow the rules. The rules are basic, for example not harming the butterflies, picking flowers, letting them out of the rainforest, ect. Leopold suggests respect and love for nature and thats what is given here at the nature museum.
This butterfly shown above is a very interesting looking butterfly. It blends in with the trees and when seen, it looks very similar to a snake. When i was walking through the exhibit I did not notice this butterfly in the tree until one of the workers stopped to point it out to me. This moment made me realize how many things I completely look past without even noticing. It helped me recognize that I need to start carefully analyzing and look deeper into my surroundings in order to notice the actual beauty of things. Instead of just going through the motions and always in a rush to get to class, I began embracing the wildlife around me and taking in its beauty. Overall, I think this provided me with more happiness and curiosity.

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