We Are Creating Our Own Economy

We're Creating the Economy of the Future!

How Are We Doing That?

By Converting Spending Into Earning!

How do we craft the Economy of the Future?

Market America and Shop.com have created a unique business model which focuses on the individual and provides them a proven business model and the tools for each Shop Consultant to create wealth and abundance for themselves based on their hard work.

As a product brokerage, Market America and Shop.com are in a position to move with market trends. Traditional manufacturers are tied to the product or service they've developed, however, as a product broker, we simply go out and find whatever products and services are hot right now, set up relationships to be the distribution channel for those products, and create a massive economic opportunity in the process. If the market shifts and something else becomes big, we simply build new relationships and adjust to the buying habits of consumers.

By leveraging these paradigm shifts in marketing and customer acquisition, like being a Product Brokerage, One-to-One Marketing, Social Shopping, and building share of customer, rather than antiquated methods of manufacturing, mass marketing and traditional advertising, the Unfranchise Business Development System works to empower an individual to take charge of their financial future, and helps them work as a team, in conjunction with other Unfranchise Owners to create the Economy of the Future.

So Where Do People Buy The Products?

Internet Marketing & the Cashback Program

The mission of Market America is to change the way people shop by providing the ultimate online destination and a personal Shop Consultant to guide buying decisions, helping save time and money. It's high-tech and high-touch; combining the latest technology and comparison shopping with customer service that is second to none.

Through SHOP.COM, customers are able to find cutting-edge, exclusive brands from Market America alongside some of the most recognizable retailers like Target, BestBuy, Nike, Gap, Bloomingdale's and many more. Thousands of popular Partner Stores offering millions of products are just one click away.

SHOP.COM offers:

  • Cashback program: Pays people to shop!
  • Unlimited comparison shopping: Always find the best price
  • Hot deals & coupons: Save even more with our specials
  • Shop Travel: Powered by Travelocity Incredible Travel & Vacation Deals
  • MyList: Saves favorite products offers auto-reordering
  • Patented eGifts: Electronic gift selector for any special occasion
  • Exclusive MA brands: Hundreds of exclusive and services, customer reviews, product demos
  • Thousands of partner stores: Top retailers like Target, Nike, Apple and more
  • OneCart™ checkout: Quick & easy
  • Easy Navigation: Popular categories to find products fast
  • Social media tools: Interactive blogs, ShopBuddy
  • Custom nutrition services: Discover your own formula

So Where's The Money?

The UnFranchise Business

A proven plan for your financial success!

Like a franchise, Market America provides systemization, standardization, state-of-the-art management systems, merchandising and marketing tools, growing visibility and the opportunity to own multiple business locations. However, unlike a franchise, there are no franchise fees, monthly royalties, territorial restrictions, little to no risks and minimal startup expenses. Best of all, UnFranchise Owners can begin on a part-time basis with flexible hours.

There are three ways to earn income. First,earn CashBack from your online transactions and your customers online transactions. Second, provide products through your Market America Web Portal. Earn 30 to 50 percent gross retail profit by servicing the needs and wants of 10-15 Preferred Customers. Third, leverage your time and duplicate your efforts by creating a sales organization with others doing the same. Simply put, the UnFranchise Business Development System provides a path to financial independence by allowing you to secure a stream of ongoing income.

To get started building an UnFranchise business and earning residual income, UnFranchise Owners follow a detailed plan and are provided a custom Web Portal and management tools to run their business. Market America provides the products and services, creates the marketing materials, and handles the shipping and distribution. Most of the administrative and operational duties of an UnFranchise Business are handled by Market America, allowing Distributors to focus on serving their customers’ needs, and creating a lucrative business and financial security for themselves.

Market America’s UnFranchise Business is a proven plan for your financial success.

The World Is Changing!

My Question To You,

What Are You Going To Do About It?

Or Contact Me!

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