Condensed Business Plan : shark tank project leah valladolid

start-up materials

opening my business takes to have a big building,it can have one or two floors as long it IS BIG on width

the width matters
  • i will also need a business licence, liquor licence , health permits ,and miscellaneous
  • i will need everything for the club and my office the furniture to my office will be simple i will have a desk , chair, desktop , printer, money counter , i will also have business cards and fixtures and displays . ( everything together comes to approximately to about 35,553$$ )
  • For the club i will need to build the bars the DJ stand , couches for the sections,bar chairs, tables and anything we need for the night club ( approximately about 838$ on the bars, couches 20,936$ , tables 16,583$, bar stools 505$ for 18 of the stools ) in total for will be about 38,817$

financial information

the start up cost will come from savings and a loan from the bank or maybe my parents DEPENDING on the situation ( start up cost might come up to about 74,370$)

the money will come one way

Employee structure

how many staff members i will have 6 bartenders , at least 20 cocktail waitresses , 6 bouncers and 4 cops , at least 2 promoters for each section so in total probably about 40 promoters , cooks for the kitchen i will need 3 at last the busboys i will need AT LEAST 10 to clean the mess our CUSTOMERS do .


midtown is the best place for a night club that is where most of the people go to have fun its also easy parking and i will own a building instead of renting

Floor plan

it would look much better in person !! this is only the dance floor part office and kitchen ill be included when built meeting will be at other clubs

Advertising/Business cards

method of advertising the club will be done my our promoters and we will have a website for the night club and the business cards will be handed ( the cost for the cards and promoters in total is unknown promoters get paid 10$ for each person they bring to the club, cards cost ABOUT 19$)

business cards
advertising way is by a website , flyers and the promoters since that is their job

Future plans

my business in 5 to 10 years i see it being a SUCCESS , i do not want it to expand i would like it to be only one club of mine because if you have one club that will make it go bigger in COSTUMERS otherwise i will have another club for like a backup just IN CASE the first one gets too full or if anything where to happen ,we will get new products EVERY TIME we can , we do plan to do exporting with our goods and services.

having a club i think it will be a good business because 18 year old's and up like to have fun go out with friends so a club is a good environment to have a few drinks and food and dance


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