50 Shades of Grain the darker side of agriculture

Did you know that grains, gluten, and GMO's aren't the evil everyone speaks of. Let's go over a few facts here. Sure, if you're allergic to gluten, that's completely understandable. But if no allergy is present, why are you robbing you're body of the gluten it can utilize. Do we even have an accurate representation of what gluten is? Or are we blindly jumping on this gluten free bandwagon.

What did we learn from those videos?

  • Not everybody needs to be on a gluten free diet
  • Gluten is just a protein found in some grains: barley, wheat and rye
  • It makes breads have elasticity and gives it that FLUFFY texture
GMO vs. Non GMO

Now lets get Dark...

So maybe they aren't as dangerous as we keep getting told by society.. I respect your need to not want them. But we need to think of the world as a whole, not as one person being the only person in the world. GMO's are the only way we will be able to feed this ever growing population. How are they made? Let's look and see what is really going on scientifically.

What are some questions or concerns you have about what we learned today? Are GMOS and gluten what you thought they were? Did you learn something that you didn't already know? I encourage you, please learn the science, and reasons why we do things, before blaming the farmer for " poisoning" the world he words so hard to feed.

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