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Wait, What?

That's right. It's time - and this website will explain why.

When you come to Emory University, it is commonly promised that the funding and opportunities to associate how you want, and do what you want, are abundant and limitless. That promise is unfortunately slipping away, but it doesn’t have to. Among a variety of process changes to the finance code, we have found that the Student Activity Fee has not adjusted with inflation for over a decade. Because of this, our ability to program, associate, and accomplish what we want on this campus is diminished. That leads us to today. After a semester of doing our homework, SGA has found that a $15 increase to the student activity fee, would not only benefit the entire campus, it would put our SAF at where it should have been for years.

That’s the elevator pitch, but there is a lot more to this conversation. Why this process, and who is involved? Why is SGA focusing on this exactly? College is expensive enough - why would we actively ask to pay more? Will this affect my financial aid? It’s our job to make that case, and that’s what this website is for. Please take some time to check out our FAQ, our data, and more on why we think this is so important.

The Timeline

We want every student to have the opportunity to be involved, ask questions, and voice concerns. We have developed the following timeline with that goal in mind.

  1. November 11th - First Vote by the SGA Legislature - ESC N101 7:00 PM
  2. November 18th - Town Hall - ESC N101 6:00 PM
  3. November 18th - Second Vote by the SGA Legislature - ESC N101 7:00 PM
  4. November 20th - Student Body Referendum

The town hall is specifically designed for public input and conversation. We invite anyone and everyone to come speak their mind, and have a dialogue about this proposal!

Passage of the increase then requires a vote of the student body. If it passes, the increase will be approved by the Board of Trustees, and be implemented next academic year, 2020-2021.

View Our Data

Want to see the numbers for yourself? Data points and research can be downloaded from our OrgSync page.

Frequently-Asked Questions:

What is the Student Activity Fee (SAF)?

The Student Activity Fee is money allocated by students, for students. It supports everything from student organizations to club sports to scholarships.

If I receive financial aid, will it cover this?

Yes, financial aid will cover this. Tuition rises every year, and your financial aid increases with it. We’re advocating for about a 1% slice of the average increase. While small in that macro, that is still a 16% increase in funds available for the student body.

Why $15?

The last significant increase of the SAF was in 2006. You can check our math in the data section and while our tuition was supposed to raise with inflation, it hasn’t. The extra $15 is to make up the difference and set the SAF where it is supposed to be.

How can I ensure that this money is being managed responsibly?

Great question. We know we are asking a lot here, and we do not take it lightly. There is absolutely a lot of due diligence required on the part of SGA that must accompany this initiative. As such, we have also improved our budgeting process and are doing as much as we can to be proactive now in order to ensure that clubs have a positive budgeting experience in the spring. We are working to ensure that all club budgets will be created in an impartial, data-driven, and needs-oriented manner. We are confident that this structure will allow for all students to experience the benefits of this increase in the SAF.

How, exactly, is the SAF changing?

If this bill passes, the SAF will increase by $15 one time (from $95 to $110). Additionally, your SAF currently increases by about $3 every four years. This bill will change it so that your SAF will increase by 1.5% every year (to match average inflation).

How does this increase compare to other fees I pay at Emory?

The proposed annual 1.5% increase is much less than many other fees you pay at Emory. For example, your tuition increases at about 2-4% each year.

How does this proposed SAF compare to other schools?

Emory’s SAF is below many of its peer institutions and will remain that way even after the increase:

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Voting will start on on the 20th of November. A link will be available on this page at that time and sent via email to the undergraduate student body.