Love Me Always Storyboard Beth Taylor, 14521280

The titles open to show an empty martini glass. The title, "Love Me Always", is in the centre of the frame and the stem of the glass makes the 'l' in always. The glass begins to fill with liquid.
It then cuts to a silhouette of a waiter holding a plate with the name of the first actor on it. These assets slowly being to move towards screen left.
The silhouette of the woman laying down enters from screen right and stops when her feet get to the centre of the frame. The man holding the plate exits.
The beach scene, which includes: the diving board, diver, water, and sun, wipes in from screen right to left to fill the frame. The diver hits the water and the name of the second actor wipes in from right to the centre of the frame.
The plane enters the beach scene and flies to screen right. The airport scene (windows and background colour) wipes in from the same direction a few seconds after.
The plane continues to fly to screen right. A silhouette of a face enters the foreground from screen right. A woman appears from behind the face and walks across the frame from right to left. As she walks she reveals the name of the last actor.

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