Faith Anzul Advanced art studio

Practice foot in oil pastels
Hands and Feet WIP
Hands and Feet finished

The task for this assignment was to create a narrative artwork using only hands and feet, and possibly a few choice props. A pair of feet walk across soft ash colored sand, as a hand reaches down into the water with a key dangling from its grasp. I used oil pastels to tell a story of a person who is wading through the shallows of possibly the seashore or a river. They've found an old looking golden key in the muck and are lifting it for inspection. However the story is very self explanatory, so the rest is up to interpretation from the viewer. I want them to decide what is happening with the person upon discovery of the old key. I wanted to create a piece that is interesting but also simple because to me that is what makes an artwork especially well executed. I love oil pastels and this is my first time making a large scale piece with them. They're fun to blend but I find they run out extremely fast.

Self Portrait WIP
Conceptual Self Portrait
Self Portrait Poem

This piece is oil paint on canvas. The topic for the assignment was to create a painting and poem that go together to showcase the best part of me, which I think is my resilience. My ability to recover from difficulties has always been a big part of my development and growth as a person, to become who I am. The way that I chose to do that, is to depict myself partially submerged in water, because to me resilience relates to swimming. It's the sink or swim ideology that a person can only succeed if they adapt and put in sufficient effort. I quite enjoyed oil paints, and this was my first time using them. I wish to experiment more with this medium.

Literary WIP
Literary Inspired Piece

This painting is inspired by The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald. One of the most powerful images the book describes is the green light shining over the water across the bay at the end of Daisy's dock. It represents hope and desire for Gatsby, and is a symbol of everything he wants. I was inspired by the scenes in the book about the green light, and decided to paint my vision of this. The piece is done in oil paint on a stretched canvas.

Created By
Faith Anzul


Created with images by Bessi - "amazing beautiful beauty"

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